Universal Audio Astra, Golden, and Starlight

Universal Audio Astra, Golden, and Starlight

By Front End Audio on Sep 7th 2021

Universal Audio Astra, Golden, and Starlight

Universal Audio has officially announced their new offerings in the guitar pedal world. Coming off of the widely popular Ox Amp Top Box, Universal Audio has expanded their reach into the guitar effects and devices world with three powerful and focused effects pedals.

The Universal Audio Astra Modulation Pedal offers Chorus, Flanger, and Tremolo effects with true or buffered bypass, preset modes, and expanability with additional downloadable sounds. The effects it offers are based on a classic 70's Chorus Brigade, Flanger and Double from a legendary rack effects processor, a tremolo based on a mid 60's blackface amp, and bonus Phaser X90 and Dharma Tremolo (these bonus effects are downloadable at registration of the pedal).

The Universal Audio Golden Reverberator Pedal offers verbs based on three classic and revered reverbs. First is three Spring Reverbs based on a mid 60's guitar amps. Next is the Plate 140, based on three vintage Germann plate reverbs. And lastly, three "perfectly modled" late 70's digital reverbs. Of course as with the Astra, the Golden offers bonus effects upon registration, being a vintage digital plate and Chamber 224.

The third offering is the Universal Audio Starlight Echo Delay Pedal. The Starlight offers a trio of 1960's tape echo machines with different tape age and preamp color settings for fine tuning the character of the tape echos, as well as a vintage "bucket brigade" delay, and the Precision digital delays for endless delay trails and optional modulation (derived from the UAD library". Upon registration you will get the bonus effect of the Cooper Time Cube delay.

For anyone that has used UAD plug-ins, and the OX - this is definitely exciting news. We for one cannot wait to get our hands on these, as well as see where this new path takes the UA brand. High expectations are set.

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