The all new Speck Electronics Xtramix X6

The all new Speck Electronics Xtramix X6

By Front End Audio on Mar 19th 2021

The all new Speck Electronics Xtramix X6

Speck Electronics has officially announced their new Xtramix X6 Line Mixer. Speck is well known for their high-end, high fidelity, and transparent audio devices - most notably their X-Sum Summing Mixer.

The Xtramix X6 is a 4U rack mount line mixer with 20 stereo inputs, 8 groups, stereo mix, 4 aux sends,
4 stereo aux returns, and 130+ connectors. Speck notes the Xtramix X6 as being:

"The X6 is a rack mounted analog line mixer that offers features and flexibility for use in the most serious recording applications. It has been designed as a "quiet-transparent" platform that allows you to build a mixing system using the gear you already own. The X6 can be used to connect all your analog outboard gear regardless of the pedigree, interface to AD/DA converters, and, of course, virtually any synth or sampler.
It is a fact that not all studios need a console style mixer with slide faders, so the X6 can often replace a studio desk style console and may be a good fit especially if space is at a premium.

Speck further details the history of the Xtramix, stating:

"The first Xtramix was produced in 1992 as a dedicated compact keyboard mixer. It was the work of Speck Electronics owner and designer Vince Poulos with the input and feedback from virtually the Who's Who of LA and NYC keyboard session players. The feedback from these pros was that they needed a compact rack mixer that not only had a lot of "stereo" line inputs, but also more than just a stereo mix output and more than 2 effects sends. The final result was a purpose built, dedicated line mixer with 20 stereo inputs, 8 groups, 8 effects sends, 8 stereo effects returns, and a modest master section all in a compact 4U rack format. With the Xtramix, the session keyboard players finally had a mixer they could call their own. Between the years 1996 and 2011, Speck produced 4 additional versions with incremental improvements that reflected how the mixer was being used. During that time period it was being used not only for keyboards, but also as a front-end or back-end to a DAW."

The Speck Xtramix X6 is a built to order piece that has a reasonable lead time of 2-3 weeks (might vary as industry conditions vary). Anyone who has used the X-Sum knows the power that Speck packs into their gear. So the Xtramix X6 is something to keep an eye one.

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