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The Speck Electronics Xtramix X6 Line Mixer is a rack mounted analog line mixer that offers features and flexibility for use in the most serious recording applications.

It has been designed as a "quiet-transparent" platform that allows you to build a mixing system using the gear you already own. The X6 can be used to connect all your analog outboard gear regardless of the pedigree, interface to AD/DA converters, and, of course, virtually any synth or sampler. It is a fact that not all studios need a console style mixer with slide faders, so the X6 can often replace a studio desk style console and may be a good fit especially if space is at a premium.

The In's & Out's
Connect the X6 to any line level source: balanced, unbalanced, transformer, or transformer-less. The X6 has high headroom that will handle balanced signals up to +28dBu. All audio inputs and outputs are fully balanced and available on TRS connectors.

Speck Electronics Xtramix X6 Line Mixer Features

  • 4 rack space design
  • 20 stereo line inputs + stereo mix + 8 group busses.
  • Each input channel has pannable stereo direct out.
  • 4 aux send busses.
  • 0db/12db Gain select on each input channel.
  • Presence of signal LED on inputs.
  • In-place solo on all channels.
  • True stereo aux sends.
  • 4 stereo aux returns.
  • Balanced inserts with bypass switch on stereo mix and 8 groups.
  • Two monitor outputs and independent headphone output.
  • Expander connectors to add another X6, X.Sum, or other line mixer.
  • Multi-purpose mounting brackets: 19" rack mount or configured for desktop location.

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    Amazing Mixer! I am so happy with it.
    Brighton Helle

    I inquired about the updated Xtramix X6 before it was released and I am so glad I did. Once it was set up and dialed in, it just works so well. I have all my Synths patched in to the upper channel inputs. 4 Filterbanks on the 4 Aux send/returns, I can then route that to compressors and other processors on the group channels right from the aux return section, and I am even using the direct outputs from the compressor inserts to feed a separate line amplifier (DA-6) out to all my rack FX, which then all comes back to the Xtramix 6 lower channel inputs, and I have those routed to a group channel with a stereo EQ and compressor just for the FX! That was a run on sentence, but is there anything this mixer can't do? Probably, but it has handled everything I have thrown at it with ease. I am so happy that Vince took the time to update this mixer. No regrets here. 5 stars all the way.

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