SOLOMON MiCS – Get the low-down on your sub-frequency instruments with the LoFReQ

SOLOMON MiCS – Get the low-down on your sub-frequency instruments with the LoFReQ

Nov 9th 2017

SOLOMON MiCS is a company dedicated to providing a purpose-built, ultra-large diaphragm microphone designed to capture the sound of the outer-head of a kick drum - but without the problems associated with converting a speaker to work as a microphone - or the mounting problems!

The Solomon LoFReQ Sub Frequency Microphone... lightweight and true-to-life sub frequencies that don't require tons of additional processing as compared to the well-known and long-discontinued Yamaha SubKick.

Now, most everyone knows the SubKick. However, the SubKick was a "microphone" that was never designed to be a microphone. In fact, it was simply an NS10 driver stuck in a breathable drum and had to be mounted to a specially manufactured drum hardware stand. Plus, since the driver was designed for a closed-back cabinet - meaning that its naturally floppy, not-so-well-controlled nature - relied upon the closed cabinet to control the movement of air pressure, the result was a loose and long note. It sounded like an 808 sample, but didn't work for blending into recorded music very well without being very carefully compressed and shaped with eq. Basically, a PITA.

Enter the Solomon LoFreq!


It's the sound you're after right out of the box without the hassle and additional costs of the SubKick. It will blend very well with your choice of inner kick drum mic to create the perfect attack supported by the moving air and weight of sound of your drum. Give it a try! We think you'll love it.

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