Solomon LoFReQ Sub Frequency Microphone


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The Solomon LoFReQ Sub Frequency Microphone provides a depth, dimension, and fullness to your bass drum, that is simply not achievable with other mics. Coupled with your favorite inside mic, the Solomon LoFReQ will layer a larger than life sound to your kick.

The Solomon Mics LoFReQ is purpose built from the ground up, to get all the coveted chest-rumbling, sub-freq goodness, in a smaller package. Using a speaker as a low-frequency capture mic is nothing new. The Beatles used this technique as far back as the recordings of "Paperback Writer" and "Rain". Go search your interwebs and you'll find plenty of people dangling a speaker from a make-shift stand, re-wiring a monitor driver, or even hot-wiring a combo amp to try and garner those coveted sub-lows. Recently, manufacturers and DIYers have taken to wedging a leftover speaker into an repurposed orphan snare or tom drum. Sure, you'll probably get some signal, but it takes more to get the all right pieces in place for the best possible signal at the source, so you get the best possible sound in your ears.

Enter the SOLOMON MiCS "LoFReQ"... purpose built from the ground up, to get all the coveted chest-rumbling, sub-freq goodness, in a smaller package, at HALF THE WEIGHT of the conventional manufactured sub-mic, and HALF THE PRICE as well. SOLOMON MiCS mount to standard mic stands for limitless placement options, and stand choices... Whether dressed in black, all white or the black AND white trooper, your LoFReQ will either make an impression or just seamless fit whatever aesthetic you choose...

Get your SOLOMON LoFReQ today, and round out your sound like never before.

Solomon LoFReQ Sub Frequency Microphone Features

  • Customized in-line pad for controlled gain
    • (gain and impedance designed to match Beta 52)
  • Attaches to standard mic stand (5/8" fine thread)
  • Tolex wrapped fiberboard shell
  • Heavy duty protective grills

Solomon LoFReQ Sub Frequency Microphone Specifications

  • Mic Type: Dynamic, 6.5'' Driver
  • Polar Pattern: Bi-directional
  • Impedance: 150 ohms
  • Frequency Response: 25 to 3000Hz
  • Output Jack: Neutrik XLR
  • Overall Dimensions: 7" x 3.5"
  • Weight: 4.1 lbs

Solomon LoFReQ Sub Frequency Microphone Includes

  • Solomon LoFReQ Sub Frequency Microphone
  • One Year Warranty

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  • 5
    Great Choice for Capturing Low End
    Paul Tatum

    I like to mic my kick drum with a mic close to the beater to capture the attack, but this approach sacrifices the low end that you want and need in a lot of situations. Move the mic out to capture the low end and you miss out on the attack. The best solution I have found is to mic both the batter and resonant sides of the kick drum. The LoFreq captures that low end perfectly, better than a lot of more expensive microphones I have tried. I'm definitely happy I invested in this mic.

  • 5
    Nice atlernative to Yahama Sub Kick
    Steve McCabe

    A well-built, great sounding product. Does the job and it's much less expensive than the out-of-production Yamaha.

What We Think


The Solomon LoFReQ Sub Frequency Microphone... lightweight and true-to-life sub frequencies that don't require tons of additional processing as compared to the well-known and long-discontinued Yamaha SubKick. Everyone knows the SubKick. But it was a microphone that was never designed to be a microphone. In fact, it was simply an NS10 driver stuck in a breathable drum and had to be mounted to a specially manufactured drum hardware stand. Plus, since the driver was designed for a closed-back cabinet - meaning that its naturally floppy, not-so-well-controlled nature - relied upon the closed cabinet to control the movement of air pressure, the result was a loose and long note. It sounded like an 808 sample, but didn't work for blending into recorded music very well without being very carefully compressed and shaped with eq. Basically, a PITA. Enter the Solomon LoFreq! It's the sound you're after right out of the box without the hassle and additional costs of the SubKick. It will blend very well with your choice of inner kick drum mic to create the perfect attack supported by the moving air and weight of sound of your drum. Give it a try! We think you'll love it.

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