sE Electronics releases drum miking kits

sE Electronics releases drum miking kits

Jul 9th 2019

sE Electronics has released two new drum miking kits that include everything you need to get a great drum sound on the road, or even in the studio. To the mix, sE has brought the new V Pack Club, which includes their V Kick kick drum mic, two V Beat tom mics (with V Clamps for rim mounting), the V7X for the snare, and a pair of sE7 pencil condensers for overheads. All of this is packaged in a durable foam lined molded case for storage and carry. The case is perfect for protecting the mics on the road.

In addition to the V Pack Club, sE has also brought the V Pack Arena. The V Pack Arena includes the V Kick, 3 V Beats (with V Clamps), the V7X for snare, and a pair of their sE8 pencil condensers for overheads. The V Pack Arena also comes packaged in the same highly durable foam lined molded carry case.

It's no secret that sE Electronics makes great mics at a reasonable price point, and these two drum miking kits have extended that legacy of quality and affordability.

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