SAMAR AUDIO DESIGN – Where traditional work ethic and modern perspective combine to deliver exceptional ribbon microphones, today

SAMAR AUDIO DESIGN – Where traditional work ethic and modern perspective combine to deliver exceptional ribbon microphones, today

Nov 9th 2017

SAMAR AUDIO DESIGN is a maker of fine handcrafted, one-of-a-kind microphones and transformers built in an artisan tradition. Utmost importance is placed on quality, design, creativity, innovative solutions, and an artistic approach to sound engineering.

The work ethic at Samar Audio Design is from the past, when things were built to last and quality was not sacrificed for costs. This, along with the use of modern materials and science, makes their products stand out from many others on the market.

Samar Audio Design was founded by a world-renowned Russian born Dr. Mark Fouxman -an electronics engineer, classical concert pianist and industry leading pro-audio authority.

As a teen Dr. Mark Fouxman was building tape recorders, power amplifiers, tube preamplifiers and was modifying old vacuum tube audio equipment. His other interest was designing and building electrostatic and ribbon speakers. However, while studying electronics, Mark worked as a studio maintenance tech, which ultimately lead to his deep interest in microphones.

Determined to utilize his accumulated knowledge and background as a concertizing musician and recording engineer he began handcrafting his one of a kind microphones. Their superior performance earned critical acclaim for which the company is known.

Under the Samar Audio Design banner, Dr. Fouxman has focused his efforts on ribbon microphones, primarily. Their resulting sound is noted for being incredibly well balanced with a similarly noteworthy clarity in the upper registers.

Both passive and active versions of each mono and stereo microphone are available. The models are as follows:

Samar VL37 Ribbon Microphone
Samar VL37A Active Ribbon Microphone
Samar VL373 Stereo Ribbon Microphone
Samar VL373A Active Stereo Ribbon Microphone

Each microphone features a heavy duty, stainless steel body, as well as Samar's signature honeycomb grill. Also, present in each Samar Stereo Ribbon Microphone is a special swivel mechanism (not found in any other modern stereo ribbon microphones) to allow changing the angle of stereo spread.

The attention to detail and care with which each microphone is crafted has garnered the entire line with a lengthy 5-year parts-2-year ribbon replacement warranty.

We here at Front End Audio have been particularly impressed with the offerings from Samar Audio Design, and are confident that you will be, too!

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