Samar VL373A Active Stereo Ribbon Microphone

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Samar VL373A
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Samar VL373A Active Stereo Ribbon Microphone

The Samar VL373A Active Stereo Ribbon Microphone takes the Samar Stereo Ribbon Microphone design into the low-noise and high-output territory of Active electronics. The VL373A is essentially two of VL37A microphones in one body - yet featuring a one-of-a-kind swivel mechanism not found in any other stereo ribbon microphone, allowing you to adjust the stereo spread. With a robust stainless-steel body, signature honeycomb grille, and unmistakably wonderful sonic signature, the Samar VL373A Stereo Ribbon Microphone will find a regular home in your studio above or in front of drum kits, orchestras and ensembles, guitar amps, as a room mic... and anywhere you need superb and smooth linear ribbon mic deliciousness.

The Samar VL373A Active Stereo Ribbon Microphone has a very high SPL handling capability and includes a built in pop filter . It features a symmetrical polar response and is perfect for demanding producers, musicians and engineers in recording studios and for live sound reproduction. Samar took special attention in placing the two ribbon elements in a very close proximity to each other. This effectively minimizes any phase distortion up to very high frequencies for a ‘true to life’ stereo image capture. As with the Samar VL37A Active Ribbon Microphone, the motor structure and tuning of the Samar VL373A Active Stereo Ribbon Microphone are based on the flagship Samar MF65.

Another unique feature of the Samar VL373A Active Stereo Ribbon Microphone is a special swivel mechanism (not found in any other modern stereo ribbon microphones) to allow changing the angle of stereo spread. The angle can be changed from 60 to 120 degrees, which allows it to cover a wide range of setups from big classical orchestras (where the last rows of instruments usually get cancelled in Blumlein configuration), or full choirs, to smaller ensembles, drum overheads, or even single instruments, recorded in stereo.

Whether it is Blumlein, MS, or XY, the Samar VL373A Active Stereo Ribbon Microphone is ideal for stereo recording of wide spectrum sources. All of the following sources such as orchestras, choir, piano, vocals, violin, brass instruments, acoustic and electric guitars, drum overheads and room microphones can be captured in amazing detail with this microphone. Broadcast and classical music applications will benefit greatly with this microphone.

As with Samar's other range of ribbon microphones, the Samar VL373A Active Stereo Ribbon Microphone comes in passive (VL373) and active versions. While the passive version is a proven classical design for engineers who have high quality setups with good cables and low noise preamplifiers with plenty of gain, the active version has been designed for extremely low noise and opens up a new territory of applications. These styles include classical music, broadcasting, movie, and studio recordings. Due to its condenser-like output level, and because of the optimized load on the ribbon and its perfect impedance integration, the active version puts much less stress on the preamplifier and cable choices. These factors make it a perfect and very affordable solution for project and professional studios.

Samar VL373A Active Stereo Ribbon Microphone Features

  • One of the kind highly innovative design incorporating the positioning of motors as physically close to each Other as possible for very low phase distortions and ‘true to life’ stereo image
  • Unique swivel mechanism to allow to adjust stereo spread
  • Extremely low noise (active VL373A has 4-5dB lower noise than already very quiet VL373)
  • Balanced ruler flat frequency response down to 20Hz (-0.43dB) and unprecedented top end beyond 25kHz
  • Low noise, low distortion, made in-house amorphous core toroidal transformers
  • Sophisticated motor with shortest front-to-back path ever seen in ribbon microphones
  • Low-mass ribbon with a unique fine tuning adjustment to assure for consistency from unit to unit
  • Proprietary corrugation process to maintain ribbon’s integrity without special handling

Samar VL373A Active Stereo Ribbon Microphone Specifications

  • Pickup Pattern (per element): Figure 8
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-25KHz (and beyond)
  • Ribbon Dimensions: 2”x0.250”x1.5 micron
  • Sensitivity: 8.4mV/Pa
  • Output Impedance (per channel): 65 Ohm
  • Microphone Dimensions: 10.350" x 1.250"
  • Weight: 15.2 oz (440 grams)

Samar VL373A Active Stereo Ribbon Microphone Includes

  • VL373A Active Stereo Ribbon Microphone
  • Wooden Case
  • Suspension Clip
  • 5-Pin to 3-Pin Adapter
  • 5-year parts | 2-year ribbon replacement warranty

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