Marc DeGeorge from Solid State Logic visits Front End Audio

Marc DeGeorge from Solid State Logic visits Front End Audio

By Front End Audio on Aug 17th 2022

Marc DeGeorge from Solid State Logic visits Front End Audio

This month, Marc DeGeorge from Solid State Logic stopped by our office for a full day of training on a few of SSL’s most popular products including THE BUS+ Stereo Buss CompressorUF8 DAW Control SurfaceUC1 Controller and BiG SiX SuperAnalogue Mixer and USB Interface. We already had the SSL Fusion in our studio, where it has found its forever home – we love that piece!

Just like you, all of us here at Front End Audio are musicians, recording artists, producers, engineers and music lovers. We’re always reading, watching videos and 'researching' (aka dreaming) of gear. Yes, it’s part of our job – but we love this stuff! Plus, the better we know the gear we sell, the better we’re able to help you, our customers. So, we jump on every training opportunity with manufacturers to hone our knowledge and skills while building lasting friendships over the years.


Marc gave us a full overview and demo of each piece. He answered all of our questions and even picked up lunch for the entire team! It was a great day. We had a lot of fun hanging out, talking and getting hands-on experience with the gear. A big “Thank you” to Marc at Solid State Logic for the visit! 


Here’s a quick rundown on all the SSL equipment we went over. We hope you’re as excited about these units as the FEA Team was to demo them.


As always, if you have any questions – hit us up! We’re here to help.

Solid State Logic UC1 Controller

The SSL Native Bus Compressor and Channel Strip plugins have been available for some time. They’re now controllable with the Solid State Logic UC1 Controller! The UC1 combines classic console ergonomics with the power of SSL’s Native plugins. This allows for a hands-on and outboard experience while staying “in the box”. The plugins sound fantastic. It’s as close as you can get to that SSL sound in a plugin format - because these are made by SSL! With the UC1, you feel connected to the music with every move you make. It looks sleek and very familiar to those who have had the honor of using SSL hardware. One of our favorite features on this controller is the real VU meter for the bus compressor! You also have a beautiful input and output level meter, each with trim pots. The Bus Compressor section has a mix knob which is great for parallel processing. There are also transport controls and a scribble strip/screen that tells you what track you’re on in your DAW. Between these features, routing options, and the ability to store and switch between presets, the UC1 is so more than just a plugin controller. This is something that can literally change your entire workflow!

UF8 DAW Control Surface

The Solid State Logic UF8 Controller is one of the nicest fader controllers we’ve used. Combine the UF8 Controller with the UC1 (also from Solid State Logic) and you’ve got a mixing match made in heaven. Like the UC1, this unit allows you to feel connected to the music in a special way. The UF8 features eight motorized and touch sensitive faders that allow you to set levels and write automation with ease. There are eight endless rotary encoders that can be used to adjust or write panning for your tracks. These encoders and faders can also be used to control any parameter of the SSL plugins! It has the same sleek style as the UC1 and when used together, you could literally turn off your screen and mix. The UF8 allows you to take control of multiple DAWs with workflow ready templates and easily switch between them. User and Quick Key buttons allow you to set your own functions to allow for an even faster workflow.

BiG SiX Desktop Mixer

The Solid State Logic BiG SiX Desktop Mixer is a very in-depth and powerful device. It offers a plethora of great features. As told to us by SSL, you should think of the BiG SiX as an audio interface with analog – or well, SuperAnalogue preamps. You get SuperAnalogue mic pres, line inputs, 3-band EQ, two headphone amps, auto-comps on the first four channels, inserts on the first four channels and main bus, an auto G-Series bus comp, summing capabilities and more. This thing is loaded! It performs interface, tracking, mixing and summing duties among others. The mute is non-destructive. While it removes the signal from the main path, it reroutes it to a B-Mix path. It also comes equipped with PFL, panning, 100mm faders, phase invert, phantom power, mic/line/instrument - every feature you'd want from a large format console. All of this is packed into this desktop board and backed by the coveted SSL name. This is an impressive piece of gear!

The Bus+ Stereo Buss Compressor

The Bus+ Stereo Buss Compressor is the ultimate SSL Bus Comp. If you want SSL bus compression, this is the one to get –  hands down! You're getting a lineage of multiple bus comps in one box (plus a new version!), and so many additional tools. This is easily one of the most powerful bus compressors available. The Bus+ functions in Dual Mono, Classic Stereo, Side Chain Stereo and Mid/Side modes! You have standard operating tone, Low THD color mode, the famous 4K color mode, and the new Feedback compression mode that gives the unit a more open, even sound. Plus, you can sidechain the comp and dynamic EQ! The Dynamic EQ has selectable frequencies with Bell or Shelf options. Set the comp post dynamic EQ, and change the make-up gain to Fine adjustment when more precise control is needed – great for mastering! It's truly a powerhouse of everything you could ever want and need from a “Real Deal” Solid State Logic Bus Compressor. An extremely impressive box!

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