GRANELLI AUDIO LABS G5790 lets you get the RIGHT-ANGLE on your sound sources!

GRANELLI AUDIO LABS G5790 lets you get the RIGHT-ANGLE on your sound sources!

By Front End Audio on May 9th 2017

GRANELLI AUDIO LABS G5790 lets you get the RIGHT-ANGLE on your sound sources!

Granelli Audio Labs grew out of yet another real world example of "necessity is the mother of invention" - which is very much the story of all classic pieces of pro audio equipment. The Granelli Audio Labs story begins in 2009 when John Grant of Secret Sound Studio and his friend and colleague Tony Correlli of The Deep End Studio in Baltimore, Maryland were talking-shop late one night, and decided that it would be worthwhile to modify one of their SM57s to make it easier to position in a crowded drum kit. They fashioned an adapter out of a piece of PVC plumbing elbow and inserted it between the capsule and transformer handle of the SM57. The result attracted the attention of drummers and clients who eventually began requesting that they build the same for them... A light-bulb moment!

Realizing that they had to do more than sell a piece of PVC plumbing elbow secured with gaffers' tape to the pieces of the microphone, they got to work to design a product worthy of the legendary Shure SM57 Dynamic Microphone. After many different designs, mock-ups, and tests, they ultimately landed on the perfect design, and thus, the Granelli Audio Labs G5790 Microphone was born.

Inside the handle of the SM57 is a small acoustic chamber that affects the tone of the microphone. Granelli Audio Labs' patented design manages to change the shape of this chamber without increasing the air volume. That is critical to keeping the sound that engineers know and trust. Granelli did not adjust the frequency response, alter the pickup pattern, or change any other components inside the microphone. It's still the mic engineers love, with the mod it's always needed.

The Granelli Audio Labs G5790 Microphone is sold as a completely Granelli-factory-modified Shure SM57 (yes - it is a genuine Shure SM57). What we at Front End Audio love about the G5790 is, not only does it allow for easier positioning of the microphone in tight spaces around a drum kit - the impetus for its design and creation, but it also reduces the microphone's footprint on a small and busy stage. You see, with a standard SM57, the XLR connector of the microphone cable will jut out of the rear of the mic, making it susceptible to encounters with musicians in the throes of their cathartic release. Granted, this is only a matter of inches... but often, inches matter. Remember... we're talking about microphone placement.

It is important to note that Granelli Audio Labs offers a 2-Year Warranty which replaces Shure's warranty.

Lastly, Granelli does not offer services for modifying existing SM57s. But thanks to Front End Audio's partnership with Granelli Audio Labes, we are able to provide you with pre-built SM57 capsules with the Granelli Right-Angle Modification, complete with the Crimson Audio Transformers Orange, Yellow, or White modification handles. Just select your options from the pull-down when ordering the handle. The result is a microphone of enhanced functionality and sound.

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