AEA TRP500 500-Series Ribbon Microphone Preamp

AEA TRP500 500-Series Ribbon Microphone Preamp

Jun 14th 2022

AEA has announced the new AEA TRP500 500-Series Ribbon Microphone Preamp. This is a 500 series microphone preamp based on the circuit and topology of their original AEA TRP preamp. The AEA TRP500 is a low noise and musical preamp, with 85dB of DC-coupled gain and 100,000 Ohms input impedance making it truly optimized for the highest performance of passive ribbon microphones (it also works beautifully with dynamic mics). The TRP500 accentuates the warm and lush sound of ribbon microphones. The TRP500 further provides a minimal path architecture, and a gentle 115 Hz or 230 Hz high pass filter. This preamp puts as little as possible between you and your audience.

The TRP500 is 100% handcrafted in Pasadena, California from locally sourced parts. AEA is a family-owned company with a small crew of skilled technicians, many of whom are musicians themselves.

Features include:

  • Single-channel, 500 series format
  • 85dB of quiet, DC-coupled JFET gain
  • Ultra-high impedance (100,000 Ohms)
  • Switchable 115 Hz or 230 Hz high-pass filter
  • Switchable phantom power and polarity reverse

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