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The AEA TRP2 Ribbon Microphone Preamp is designed to enhance your ribbon microphones. With two channels of high-output, high-impedance, and low-noise gain in a half-rack package, the TRP2 provides a rich and natural sound that brings out the full potential of your ribbon microphones.

The AEA TRP2 Ribbon Microphone Preamp excels at drawing out the warmth and lush sound that ribbons are uniquely known for. It offers the same great sound quality but with added key features that allow studio users greater flexibility with modern equipment.

A Gain Powerhouse
The AEA TRP2 is a powerhouse that provides unparalleled high gain with low-noise. With 85db of JFET output, the AEA TRP2 gives you enough juice to record soft sources without ever having to worry about noise. With the AEA TRP2, you will never consider a source too quiet to record with a ribbon mic ever again. Passive ribbons with low output levels require preamps that supply a high level of output. If the preamp you use doesn’t have enough clean gain, the mic signal may seem too soft or noisy which may be apparent when recording quiet acoustic guitars or strings, especially at a distance or with long cable runs. The AEA TRP2 eliminates this concern.

High Impedance Makes a Huge Difference
The sound and tonality of dynamic microphones like ribbons and moving-coils are directly affected by the impedance of a preamp. The higher the impedance, the better the sound. The AEA TRP2 boasts an extra high input impedance of 63K Ohms. Preamps with an impedance of under 10k ohms will limit the lows, highs, and transients of your passive microphones. The AEA TRP2’s high impedance will reveal your microphone’s true nature– a thick low-end, open top-end, and articulate transient response that you will need to hear to believe. Both condensers and active microphones will also benefit from the AEA TRP2’s impedance.

Professional Features in a Compact Package
The TRP2 is AEA’s second iteration of the high-performance TRP preamp with the addition of new features including phantom power, optional rack ears, and a switching power supply. Polarity reverse switches for ensuring proper polarity throughout the recording chain and switchable 100 Hz, 12 dB per octave low-frequency filters allow you to tame proximity problems. The AEA TRP2 includes switchable phantom power that is capable of powering condensers and active ribbons. For engineers concerned about phantom power hurting their passive ribbons, there is phantom power kill switch, known as No Blow Mode, located internally within the unit that easily deactivates 48V from ever turning on.

A Universal Power Supply
An external switching power supply with a grounded AC plug is used with the AEA TRP2 so hum fields can be kept away from the high-gain electronics. The power supply allows the AEA TRP2 to be used in any country without any modifications made to the unit.

Racking THE TRP2
The AEA TRP2 is housed in a portable and lightweight half-rack aluminum chassis that allows you to easily take it to remote gigs, other studios, and on the road. AEA manufactures optional racking gear for convenient use in rackmount furniture. A single AEA TRP2 can be easily racked with TRP2 Rack Ears. Rack two TRP2s side by side with a TRP2 Rack Shelf. These assemblies can be securely installed in any standard rack.

AEA TRP2 Ribbon Microphone Preamp Features

  • Two channels with 85dB of sweet and quiet JFET gain
  • Switchable phantom-power, polarity reverse, and high-pass filter
  • 63k ohm high-impedance circuitry providing better overall transients, frequency response, and higher output sensitivity
  • Optimized for ribbon mics, condensers, and dynamics
  • Switching power supply for easy use in any country
  • 1U half-rack with optional hardware for mounting one or two units together
  • Made in the U.S.A.

AEA TRP2 Ribbon Microphone Preamp Specifications

  • Gain at 1kHz: 85dB of Gain Balanced-In to Balanced-Out in Microphone Input Mode
  • Noise Figure, RMS A-Weighted: < 2dB
  • Noise Figure, RMS Unweighted: < 3dB, 20 kHz LPF Bandwidth
  • EIN: < -130 dBu A-Weighted, 150 Ohm Resistive Source
  • Frequency Response: -3dB < 1Hz and > 200 kHz
  • THD: < 0.02% at 1 kHz
  • Input Impedance: 63K Ohms
  • Input Impedance (P48 Engaged): 10K Ohms
  • Mic Gain Control: Twelve-Position Switch Provides from +7dB to +63dB of Gain for the Preamplifier Circuit, as Measured Between the Input and Before the Output Line Driver.
  • Output Level Potentiometer: 25dB
  • Low-Cut Filter: 12dB Per Octave from 100 Hz
  • XLR Output Maximum Level into 600Ω Load: +28 dBu, Balanced; 0 dBu = 0.7746 V RMS
  • XLR Connectors Polarity: Pin-1 is Ground, Pin-2 is High, Pin-3 is Low
  • LED Signal Level Indicators: The Green LED Snaps On at -20 dBu to Indicate the Presence of Signal; the Yellow LED Snaps On at 0 dBu; the Red LED Snaps On at +24 dBu to Warn of Approaching Signal Overload.
  • Dimensions: Half-Rack Wide, Rack Unit High (Measured with Knobs): (W x D x H) 8.5” x 8" x 1.8” (21.59 cm x 20.32 cm x 4.6 cm)
  • Weight: 2.2lbs (1 kg)
  • Power Supply Weight: 13 oz (0.37 kg)
  • Power Supply Length: 7 Feet 8.5 inches (2.3 m), (May be Supplemented with Longer IEC Cable)

AEA TRP2 Ribbon Microphone Preamp Includes

  • AEA TRP2 Ribbon Microphone Preamp
  • External Power Supply
  • Manufacturer Warranty

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  • 5
    Huge clean gain, solid build
    Sean Carpenter

    Used on ribbons and both SDC/LDC mics. Has an incredible amount of nearly noiseless gain for those quiet instruments. I run everything through it. The low cut filter is excellent when close mic'ing your guitar cabinets with either a ribbon or condenser. The fine control on the output is really helpful too, it allows you to dial in just the sweet spot for your mic.

  • 5
    AEA quality build, super quiet preamp
    Peter Woodbury

    Have the original AEA TRP and love it, this version updated to Phantom 48v power add-on if needed and international power supply. Another winner from AEA

  • 5
    Nice Pre for ribbons and...
    Mark Stacy &quot;Sound Religion&quot;

    The AEA TRP Dual-Mono Ribbon Microphone Preamp really helps ribbon mics work their best. This unit is a great value, clear, open and big sounding. I like it on dynamics too. It is the "go to" pre any time we use a ribbon here at "Sound Religion."

What We Think


We feel that once you hear it in action, you will agree with us that the AEA TRP2 Ribbon Microphone Preamp is absolutely CRITICAL and NECESSARY for recording with ribbon microphones. It truly does everything AEA says that it will; tons of clean gain without all the noise. The very high impedance allows ribbon mics to sound their very best. Have you ever plugged in a ribbon mic into your 'legendary British mic-pre' and wondered what everyone was talking about when they swore up and down that a ribbon mic is the way to go on _______? You're experiencing an impedance problem when you feel that the bottom is muddy and bloated and without definition. You're also noticing that the ribbon sounds darker than you think it really even should, considering your knowing that a ribbon is going to be darker to begin with than a condenser. Enter the AEA TRP - It's 18kOhm impedance evens out the frequency response and opens up the top end to expose a depth that you couldn't have know was even there before. No more flat sound with that big wooly bottom. The TRP is worth every penny for the studio using ribbon mics on all sources, but it really shines on particularly quiet and detailed sources where you don't want to raise noise levels to the point of being drowned in hiss. It's really nice to finally be able to use a preamp with a ribbon mic and not wish the preamp had more gain. AND, the TRP sounds great with dynamic and tube microphones. In fact, you might be really surprised just how much you like it with those mics as well as with your ribbons.

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