Avenson Audio Small DI

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Avenson Audio Small DI
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Avenson Audio Small DI

The Avenson Audio Small DI sounds spectacular, is small for easy travel (for all those live sound folks), and simple to use. Just plug in your instrument, connect the Small DI to your mic pre, turn on phantom power, and let your jaw drop. The full, yet transparent sound of the Small DI will impress even to most critical tone purist.

The Avenson Audio Small DI is the perfect instrument interface. The Small DI has a very high impedance input FET buffer inside, designed for wide bandwidth and clean reproduction. The buffer circuit runs on +48V phantom power and is unity gain. One of the best features of the Small DI is that it comes before the preamp, so that your input signal uses all the electronics of the preamp. The Avenson Small DI is also the perfect accessory for microphone preamps that don't have a DI. Its also great for preamps that put the DI input in an inconvenient place, like in the back!

It's not much bigger than an XLR connecter and at only 3.25" long it fits anywhere unobtrusively. The red LED tells you when phantom is turned on making last minute troubleshooting easier.

Avenson Audio Small DI Specifications

  • Topology: Transformerless FET
  • Input Impedance: 10 MΩ
  • Input Overload Level: +8 dBu at 1% THD
  • Gain: -0.2 dB
  • Frequency Response: 10 Hz - 100 kHz (+0/-0.25 db)
  • Signal to Noise (A-weighted): ≥108 dB
  • Output Impedance: 150Ω (load ≥ 1kΩ )
  • Power Requirements: P48 phantom power (~5 mA)

Avenson Audio Small DI Includes

  • Avenson Audio Small DI
  • One Year Warranty

What We Think

The Avenson Audio Small DI has become my secret weapon for connecting acoustic instruments to the console for live sound mixing. The Small DI is an incredibly transparent sounding instrument interface, plus, it’s just plain tiny! With a stripped down and compact design, Avenson Audio has built the Small DI to perform a simple function flawlessly while hardly being noticed.

I’ve used the Small DI on acoustic guitar, keyboard and bass guitar with great success mixing for live shows, and the sound is always amazingly natural and free of any coloration or distortion. The sound is clean and pristine and the Small DI effortlessly captures the natural sound of an instrument with its extended frequency response. In my experience with the Small DI, I’ve found that acoustic guitars and stringed instruments seem to benefit the most from its use and they sound so ALIVE, not sterile at all, like some DI’s tend to make strings sound.

I highly recommend the Small DI for any musician or engineer looking for a great sounding active instrument interface.

- Front End Audio

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    Nice, Clean & Simple

    I didn't need anything fancy, just clean sound with simple setup. Its active with no options except it does what It was intended to do. If you need to re-amp then the larger one is the one for you, otherwise this one works great for simple DI and stays out of the way. I use it on Guitar & Bass recording into Pro Tools 9 and it sounds great.

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    Small DI with Big Sound

    I bought two of these DI for my acoustic guitars. They just have an high Z jack input and a balanced XLR output. They are very small, very robust and the sound is great. I attach them to the guitar strap with a velcro tie and plug the guitar to the DI with a 10 inch jack.