Avantone CLA10 & CLA100 Monitor Bundle


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The Avantone CLA10 & CLA100 Monitor Bundle gives you everything you need get started with a pair of Avantone CLA10 Monitors at a bundled price; included in the bundle are a pair of CLA10 Monitors and a CLA100 Amplifier. Perfectly matched for your studio!

The Avantone CLA10 Studio Monitors are designed in conjunction with the expertise of mixer Chris Lord Alge and are a faithful modern reproduction of the most iconic studio monitor of the last 30 years. Now add in the Avantone CLA100 Power Amplifier and mix with the studio monitors that truly define "the sound of hits".

Avantone CLA10 & CLA100 Monitor Bundle Includes

  • 2x CLA10 Monitors
  • CLA100 Amplifier

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