Austrian Audio OCR8 Bluetooth Remote

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Austrian Audio OCR8
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Austrian Audio OCR8 Bluetooth Remote

The Austrian Audio OCR8 Bluetooth Remote enables convenient and comprehensive wireless control of your existing OC818 microphone from your iOS or Android mobile device.

Its TA5F output connector plugs directly into the back of your OC818, allowing the OCR8 to function on 48V phantom power supplied from your mic preamp through the OC818. Once the OCR8 is connected to your OC818 and paired with your mobile device, you can wirelessly adjust your mic's polar pattern, pad, and high-pass filter settings in real-time. Create up to 255 discrete polar patterns, save and recall settings, and visually monitor a 60-second clipping logger, all via Bluetooth from the free PolarPilot app on your smartphone or tablet.

Austrian Audio OCR8 Bluetooth Remote Features

  • Optional remote control of OC818 via smart device
  • Bluetooth connectivity via phantom power
  • PolarPilot-App available for iOS or Android
  • Control polar patterns, pads and high pass-filters
  • No battery required (driven by phantom power via connection to OC818)
  • LED pairing indicator

Austrian Audio PolarPilot App Features

  • Save, recall, and share your favorite settings
  • Discover and create up to 255 discrete polar patterns
  • Easily adjust pad and high-pass filter settings
  • One setting may be stored in OC818 for use without PolarPilot app
  • 60-second OC818 clipping monitor/logger

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