Amphion Speaker Cable (2.5 Meter)


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The Amphion Speaker Cable is a specially braided silver coated copper conductor cable, terminated with Chord banana connectors.

Amphion Speaker Cables are an ultra high-quality cable that is as much an integral part of an Amphion monitor system as the custom drivers and proprietary wave guide. When cables are connected from power amp to speaker, they all become part of the same circuit. Their properties, including inductance, resistance, and capacitance, can affect the performance of the system in areas such as crossover performance, which can affect the speaker’s sonic behavior.  Amphion cables are braided to reduce inductance, and feature a silver coating over the copper core for better conductance of high frequencies, which travel on the outside of the wire, while low frequencies travel in the center. In short, Amphion Speaker Cable is not sold as an afterthought. It has been thoroughly tested for optimal performance with Amphion monitors and power amps.

Amphion Speaker Cable Features

  • Length: 2.5 Meters
  • Quantity: 1 Cable
  • Connectors:  Banana to Banana

Amphion Speaker Cable Includes

  • 1x Amphion Speaker Cable
  • Manufacturer Warranty

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