Amphion Amp700 Amplifier

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Amphion Amp700
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Amphion Amp700 Amplifier

The Amphion Amp700 Amplifier delivers rock-solid control and tight, fast, high-resolving power to get maximum performance from your Amphion monitors.

Amphion’s philosophy is to develop innovative products with high-performance and longevity. Amp700 provides 2 x 350 W for 8 ohm, and 2 x 700 W for 4 ohm load, which gives plenty of headroom for the highest level of performance. To reach the needed performance level, Amphion developed a buffer-stage, which improved the sonics further by adding a subtle touch of class A sound to D class topology. Amphion Amp700 is a perfect partner to all Amphion models and other passive monitors.

Amphion Amp700 Amplifier Features

  • Power rating: 2x 350 W, 8Ω; 2x 700 W, 4Ω, Minimum load impedance 2.5Ω
  • Dynamic range: 117 dB
  • Peak output current: 30 amps
  • THD+N 1 W @ 1 kHz: 0.006%
  • Amp + power supply efficiency: 84%
  • Means: Universal mains, auto select (100 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz)
  • Certification: CE, Energy Star v3.0 compliant
  • Inputs: x Neutrik XLR inputs
  • Speaker connectors: 3-way binding spots (banana connectors, bare wire, or spades)
  • Casing: 19" rack-mountable, (2U), high quality aluminum
  • Power switch: front
  • Assembled in Finland

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