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The ADK THOR Microphone provides three different voicings, similar to the flavor of a 67 (Mellow), 251 (Neutral), and C12 (Brilliant). Couple that with the three polar patterns (Cardioid, Omni, and Figure of Eight), and what you get is a Swiss-Army Knife microphone, that can handle anything you throw at it. It is like nine mics in one!

The ADK THOR has been designed as a high SPL, reliable and robust microphone with enough flexibility tone-wise to cover any application. The dynamic range was set to allow for relatively heavy sound pressure levels, and attenuation pads enable these microphones to be used with sources up to 150 dB SPL. Keeping digital recording in mind, the noise floor is also appreciably low.

The THOR works well for any moderate to high SPL source, whenever a fast, detailed recording is desired: All "pop" and "rock" vocals - with a pop filter (to protect the capsule from strong blasts of air). Brass - with a pop filter (to protect the capsule from strong blasts of air), Drum kit: Toms, Floor tom, overhead and spot mic-ing, including kick drum, Any amplified instruments - Guitar cabs, bass cabs, Any percussion instrument, Stereo/ambient recording, All stringed instrument, Solo/spot recording, Woodwinds.

 ADK THOR Microphone Features

  • Unique Three-Way High-Frequency Switch: Mellow, Neutral or Brilliant Tone.
  • Low-noise High SPL Tri-Polar Condenser Mic for Studio and Live Applications.
  • New Transformerless circuit with symmetrical, TRULY BALANCED output stage.
  • Extra capsule QC and special assembly procedures.
  • Two way Pad to Tailor Dynamic Response.
  • Two way HP Filter to Tailor Bass Response.
  • High headroom, even unpadded. A Total Swiss Army Mic.
  • Clean audio path, low distortion for accurate sonic imaging.

ADK THOR Microphone Specifications

  • Pattern: Omni/Cardioid /Figure of 8
  • Sensitivity: 14mv/Pa
  • Impedance: 150O
  • S/N Ratio: 80dB (A-weighted IEC 268-4)
  • Noise Level: 14dB (A-Weighted IEC 268-4)
  • SPL @ 0.5%THD: 130dB/ 138dB/ 148dB (2-way PAD)
  • Low Cut Filter (HPF): FLAT/ 100Hz / 150Hz
  • High Cut Filter (LPF): FLAT/ 12KHz / 15KHz
  • Power: Phantom Power 48V±4V

ADK THOR Microphone Includes

  • Thor Microphone
  • Wooden Jewel Case
  • Ring Mount
  • Manual & Literature

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  • 4
    Michael Trickey

    Came quickly, works great. Very serviceable mic. Not a Neuman but great price and adaptability.

  • 5
    Love this mic
    Mark Triolo

    Excellent audio quality and great flexibility in functionality. It's great having selectable patterns in one mic. The build quality is excellent. I'm very happy with my purchase. I very good quality mic at a reasonable cost.

  • 5
    excellent experiment

    i bought this microphone based on the fact that i have respect for another pro-gear outlet that highly praises ADK mics. i bought this mic especially because of the tri-polar pattern. that is what makes this mic particularly wonderful. i have over a dozen quality mics (Laswon L47MPII, AKG 414, Shure Sm7b, Sennheiser MD 421 II, Peluso R 14 Ribbon Microphone, Blue/Red Type B) so i wanted something special and this mic gives it. it records very well. with my voice/singing i tend to be very heavy and so not using any windscreen caused the mic to "shut down" for a mili-second. so i applied the same foam wrap around wind screen that i use for all my other mics and now this Thor is part of my regular arsenal. i particularly like the low end setting as it give my voice a very nice low end thickness. for $300 it was a good "bang for the buck". have not used the Thor for any live singing for i have another dozen mics for that as well.

  • 4
    Good Mic for the $$$
    George Parker

    I enjoyed using this mic, the different filter settings are pretty distinct which allows for a ton of versatility when combined with the multiple polar patterns. I used it on vocals, acoustic guitar and in front of a drum performed well in all frequency ranges and was exceptional at capturing and smoothing out bass frequencies. Spring for a decent shockmount, the ADK one was a little lacking. Great customer service, both from ADK and Front End Audio.

What We Think


The name of the ADK "THOR" Microphone is no accident. THOR in mythology was and is a complete and total bad-ass. So, it really should come as no surprise that the THOR from ADK is the microphone equivalent of a Norse god of thunder, oaks, and 'hallowing'. That last part is interesting when it comes to recording, because great microphones can certainly make that extra difference in whether a sonic element captured can be ordinary or sound 'holy', indeed. And when you need to drop the hammer with some seriously loud drums or guitar amps, THOR is there to crush. With an SPL handling of over 150 dB, THOR will hold it's ground and then some. Great sound, high-SPL handling, etc were all descriptors of the ADK S-7 microphones. However, the S-7 came in three distinct flavors. THOR adds multi-pattern capability to the combination of all three S-7 voicings: Mellow, Neutral and Brilliant. Access them with a simple flick-of-the-switch and you're tailoring the sound at the mic without the need to introduce unwanted phase-shift with an equalizer further down the chain. All of this flexibility makes THOR the logical choice for someone needing one microphone to handle lots of chores. It's really a no-brainer, at this price. And if you only need a cardioid pattern, ODIN still sports the Mellow, Neutral and Brilliant voicings at a savings.

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