ADK ODIN Condenser Microphone


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The ADK Odin Condenser Microphone offers three different tonal voicings, similar in flavor to a 67 (Mellow), 251 (Neutral), and C12 (Brilliant). The power of essentially having three mics in one, makes the ADK Odin a highly versatile microphone, that can handle nearly any audio application and source.

The ADK Odin Condenser Microphone has been designed as a high-SPL, reliable and robust microphone with enough flexibility tone-wise to cover any application. The dynamic range was set to allow for relatively heavy sound pressure levels, and attenuation pads enable these microphones to be used with sources up to 150 dB SPL. Keeping digital recording in mind, the noise floor is also appreciably low. These new microphones are solid, reliable "High-SPL" studio microphones that can also be used "Live".

The ADK Odin (like it's big brother the Thor) is designed for any moderate to high SPL source, whenever a fast, detailed recording is desired: All "pop" and "Rock" vocals - with a pop filter (to protect the capsule from strong blasts of air), Brass - with a pop filter (to protect the capsule from strong blasts of air), Drum kit: Toms, Floor tom, overhead and spot mic'ing, including kick drum, Any amplified instruments - Guitar cabs, bass cabs, Any percussion instrument, Stereo/ambient recording, All stringed instrument, Solo/spot recording, Woodwinds.

ADK Odin Condenser Microphone Features

  • Unique Three-Way High-Frequency Switch: Mellow, Neutral or Brilliant Tone.
  • New Transformerless circuit with symmetrical, TRULY BALANCED output stage.
  • Extra capsule QC and special assembly procedures.
  • Two way Pad to Tailor Dynamic Response.
  • Two way HP Filter to Tailor Bass Response.
  • High headroom, even unpadded. A Total Swiss Army Mic.
  • Clean audio path, low distortion for accurate sonic imaging.

ADK Odin Condenser Microphone Specifications

  • Polar pattern: Cardioid
  • Sensitivity: 13mv/Pa
  • Impedance: 150O
  • S/N Ratio: 79dB (A-weighted IEC 268-4)
  • Equivalent Noise Level: 15dB (A-Weighted IEC 268-4)
  • Max SPL @ 0.5%THD: 132dB/ 140dB/ 150dB (2-way PAD)
  • Low Cut Filter (HPF): FLAT/ 100Hz / 150Hz
  • High Cut Filter (LPF): FLAT/ 12KHz / 15KHz
  • Power Requirements: Phantom Power 48V±4V

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  • 5

    This mic is great value for the money. Sounds good in the mix and is very flexible in use. I am looking forward to future recordings.

  • 5
    Pleasantly surprised!
    Eugene Huff

    The microphone was even better than expected and the service from Ryan was better yet!

  • 5
    Greatest I've Ever Worked With
    Louis Conway

    Great service, mic arrived in pristine condition, I felt as thought the people working there cared about getting my equipment to me. Arrived quickly and will definitely order from Front End Audio again!

What We Think


The little brother of the Thor, the Odin provides the same three character filters, but in a fixed cardioid LDC. If you need a swiss army knife, but not multiple patterns - the Odin is where it is at. A workhorse that will take anything you throw at it (vocals, guitar cab, acoustics, drums, drum overheads, and more), the ADK Odin will cover a lot of ground, and a pair will replace a lot of mics. And, don't worry about SPL, capable of 150dB handling, there is virtually no sound source you can't capture. I;m still trying to figure out how ADK was able to pull this one off. Everything from build to performance is spot on, and the price point is crazy. Yes, you should have a pair (at least).

Ryan Ferris, Pro Audio Sales

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