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Eventide Fission Plug-In

Eventide Fission
Eventide Fission
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Eventide Fission Plug-In

The Eventide Fission Plug-In is an entirely new type of effect, that separates the incoming audio signal into Transient content and Tonal content based on the signal’s structure. These two independent streams are processed individually with custom Eventide effects, and then combined in (close to) real time. The Transient and Tonal structures of the signal are processed separately, and the Fission lends itself to some very useful and interesting mixing and sound design purposes.

The Eventide Fission Plug-In is the first plug-in to use ground-breaking Structural Effect technology - A new method for processing audio. The Eventide Fission allows you to split a sound into its transient and tonal parts, process each component separately with Eventide effects, and then recombine.

The Eventide Fission Plug-In is the first plug-in to use Eventide's ground-breaking Structural Effects technology - A new method for processing audio. It allows you to split a sound into its transient and tonal parts, independently manipulate them using Eventide's world-class effects and then fuse them back together. With the ability to add effects and dynamic controls to the transient and tonal sections, you can produce a wide range of effects, from the subtle to the extreme.

Eventide Fission Plug-In Features

  • Split audio into “Transient” and “Tonal” components
  • Radically re-shape a sound by soloing the Tonal and Transient channels. Tighten up drums by dropping the tonal section, or tune a guitar into an ambient sweep by losing the transients
  • Split, modify and reassemble any sound
  • Fine-tune the split using the four “Structural Split” controls.
  • Six Transient effects available: Delay, Tap Delay, Dynamics, Phaser, Reverb, Gate + EQ
  • Seven Tonal effects available: Delay, Compressor, Pitch, Chorus, Reverb, Tremolo, EQ
  • Waveform display for clear tracking of Transient/Tonal audio in real time
  • Artists presets include Richard Devine, Chris Carter, Suzanne Ciani, Joe Chiccarelli, John Agnello, Stewart Lerman, Steve Rosenthal, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and more

Eventide Fission Plug-In Specifications

  • Platform Compatibility:
    • Windows: Microsoft Windows 7+
    • OS X: Apple OS X 10.7+
  • DAW Compatibility:
    • Pro Tools 10 +: AAX Native
    • Cubase 7+: VST2
    • Nuendo: VST2
    • Wavelab: VST2
    • Logic 8+: AU
    • Ableton Live 7+: AU, VST2
    • SONAR: VST2
    • Studio One: AU, VST2
    • Digital Performer: AU
    • Reaper: VST2
    • GarageBand: AU

Eventide Fission Plug-In Applications

  • Sound Design - The Eventide Fission is a versatile tool for sound designers. Splitting and manipulating audio allows you to create and explore sounds never heard before. Remove transients from pianos or guitars to create bowed sounds,or go even further by adding extreme effects to the independent channels.
  • Drum Tuning - The Eventide Fission allows you to easily re-tune a drum without affecting the transient. Delay the cracking transient of a rimshot while leaving the tonal ring as-is. Solo out the transients to tighten up a sound and add some compression to tighten further.
  • Articulation - The Eventide Fission’s structural split can be used to modify vocals in subtle or drastic ways. Emphasize or reduce sibilance, add or remove resonance, or turn robust vocals into whispers.
  • Transient Shaping - The Eventide Fission is not a traditional transient shaper - it’s a transient separator. It goes beyond what has been possible by allowing you to surgically tune the transient and tonal response independently.
  • Audio Restoration - Remove unwanted tonal ring and hiss, or just reduce it with compression/expansion. Beef up the transients from old instrumental recordings to improve presence in a mix without squashing the life out of the tonal material.
  • Loop Mangling - Use various instances of Eventide Fission to morph and transform your loops using independent tonal and transient delays.

Eventide Fission Plug-In Downloads

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