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The Eventide Tverb Reverb Plug-In integrates 3 completely independent lush reverbs with compression and selectable polar patterns on microphone 1 and adjustable gates on microphones 2 and 3. With an intuitive interface, the Tverb recreates 3 vocal channels together - a close mic offers clean or compressed signal while two gated mics can be moved anywhere in the virtual room for customizable gated reverb.

The Eventide Tverb Reverb Plug-In is inspired by the legendary Heroes session at Hansa Tonstudio in 1977 Berlin, and is eveloped with the encouragement and support of Tony Visconti. The historic Meistersaal concert hall, built in 1910, was Hansa's studio 2. It's a large room designed for classical music concerts. Mr. Visconti, impressed by the acoustics of the room, had an idea. Why not utilize the hall's acoustics to augment Bowie's vocal? From his many years of collaboration with David, Tony knew both the power of that voice and Bowie's willingness to explore new sonic vistas. The result is the iconic Eventide Tverb Reverb Plug-In!

A Room of Your Own

Developed with legendary producer, musician, and engineer Tony Visconti, the Eventide Tverb Reverb Plug-In provides an extremely customizable room reverb with some unique techniques and features. Within this virtual room (modeled on the legendary Meistersaal at Berlin's Hansa Tonstudios) you can mix three virtual channels: one main mic with subtle ambience and two moveable mics capturing the lush room reverb.

Near & Far

The Eventide Tverb Reverb Plug-In is a reverb unlike any other. Start with a perfect room and configure it to taste by adjusting the standard reverb controls of decay, diffusion and EQ to create the ambience that brings your tracks to life. Now, place a couple of additional microphones anywhere in that room. Move them around until the track sits perfectly in your mix. Set the mikes' gates to open with the dynamics of the track. The Eventide Tverb gives you control all of these parameters and more. And because the Eventide Tverb is algorithmic, you can do it all in real time (which wouldn't be possible with a convolution reverb). You can even have your mics dance around the room in real-time. Impossible in real life; a snap in Eventide Tverb.

Open the Gates

With analog-modeled compression on the main channel and gating on the reverb channels, the Eventide Tverb is a unique tool for audio with wide dynamic range. The inspiration for the plug-in was the setup Visconti used to capture the incredible dynamic range of David Bowie's vocals while recording Heroes. The Eventide Tverb builds on Visconti's technique and opens up undreamed of possibilities.

Eventide Tverb Reverb Plug-In Features

  • 2 Moveable microphones to adjust reverb size and tone
  • Adjustable polar patterns for microphone 1 to adjust the amount of ambient room tone
  • Custom Eventide reverb algorithm with EQ, diffusion, and decay control
  • Compressor module on microphone 1, just as Visconti had in the original session
  • 2 Linkable post-reverb gate modules with control of when the gates close, the speed at which they close and the length of time they are forced to stay open
  • Console (inspired by the one used in the session and with Visconti's "grease pencil" labelling) provides post-reverb channel processing for each individual mic and the master
  • Room mixer module alters the sound of the room itself with control over decay, diffusion and frequency attenuation
  • Signal inversion buttons to remove (or create) phase cancellation
  • Mix Lock allows for scrolling through presets or settings while keeping the wet/dry mix constant
  • Complete automation support

Eventide Tverb Reverb Plug-In Specifications

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