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AwTAC Stereo Channel Strip + RND R6 Bundle

AwTAC AwTAC Stereo Channel Strip + RND R6
AwTAC 2 Awesome Channel Amplifier Bundle
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AwTAC Stereo Channel Strip + RND R6 Bundle

The AwTAC Stereo Channel Strip + RND R6 Bundle gives you TWO full Awesome Channel Strips consisting of 2 x Awesome Channel Amplifiers and 2 x Awesome Channel Compressors, stuffed into the incredibly stout and reliable Rupert Neve Designs R6 500-Series Power Supply Rack, delivering a powerhouse portable or install solution for reliably 'Awesome' sounding tracks.

If there was ever an essential toolkit for the traveling producer or engineer, this would be a contender for bundle of the millennium. The AwTAC Stereo Channel Strip + RND R6 Bundle packs two incredible mic-preamps, musical wide-band equalizers, and two classic and smooth sounding "British-style" FET compressors into a compact Rupert Neve Designs R6 500-Series Rack.

If you love the simple but robust design practices of 1970 manufacturers, then The Awesome Transistor Amplifier Company (AwTAC) delivers that sound in spades. Never before has so much sound been packed into such a compact unit as is evidenced by the AwTAC Awesome Channel Amplifier... and without compromise! This unit doesn't merely deliver a preamp and equalizer in a module; it delivers a FULL console channel strip of electronics/discrete op-amps, and gain stages. The resulting sound is big, deep, and explosive. But that sound is also detailed, musical, and expressive. Once you hear it, you'll understand... and need it, henceforth!

Similarly, the AwTAC Awesome Channel Compressor gives us a very under-served compressor design/sound inspiration from late-60's / early-70's - an FET with a Soft Knee. While it gets all funky and effecty-when pushed, the Awesome Channel Compressor impresses with it's smooth sound. It's somewhere between a 160 and an 1176, though perhaps with a hint of opto-smoothness. There's a softness to it which is inviting, and still allows aggressive sounds to stay that way - in fact, they may emerge a little more mean as a result. But this is an improved version of the compressor sound of British rock and roll of the classic era. So, Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Rolling Stones, etc have just as much in common with this particular compression scheme as they do with Helios consoles.

Lastly, we chose the Rupert Neve Designs R6 500-Series Power Supply for this package for it's robust performance, yet compact "6-Pack" "lunchbox" footprint. Rackmountable as well, this fella is ready to reliably rock out anywhere.

AwTAC Stereo Channel Strip + RND R6 Bundle Features

  • An AwTAC Awesome Channel Amplifier gives you:
    • A Mic Pre - Perhaps the most musically responsive preamp you've ever heard
    • A Line Level Amplifier - The same magic of the preamp is happening to +4dBu sources, too. Add some Awesome AwTAC magic across your mixes with a pair.
    • A Three Band EQ - Features a three frequency selectable Baxandall high-shelf and low shelf and an inductor based 10-band mid-range. Think of a hybrid between a Pultec and a Helios EQ - only more flexible. It's light, extremely musical, and way effective.
    • A Kick-Butt Direct Box - Guitars, basses, electric pianos, lap steels or anything else with a pickup that needs an amazing high impedance input to shine.
    • A Mixer - LCR Mix Bus linking to additional Awesome Channel Amplifiers when used with the Purple Audio Sweet Ten Rack. Plus, AwTAC's single-space Panner Module links with the ACA to add a wholly separate mix-bus. Hear for yourself what a truly AWESOME analog mixer can do for your music.
    • A Double-Wide 500 Module - Hey... there's so much to this thing that it's a seriously badass Wide-Load. But what would you normally get in two slots? A preamp and an equalizer? The AwTAC Awesome Channel Amplifier gives those and much more capability, as you can see.
  • Awesome Channel Compressor Features:
    • Mono FET Compressor
    • Single width 500 module
    • 10 Channel Compressors fit in a Purple Audio Sweet Ten rack
    • A Line Level Amplifier offers TRUE Parallel Compression (like doing it on a mixer - not just bleeding dry signal into the output)
    • The entire AC audio path is through-hole, discrete construction
    • The entire DC side chain is through-hole, discrete construction
    • Features a soft knee compression characteristic - a "London 1970" attitude: Starts at 1:1 ratio once threshold is crossed and climbs to 10:1 where it stays. Varies from 1:1 to 20:1 according to signal level and threshold (soft knee). Nominally 10:1 when INPUT and REDUCTION controls set to their fully clockwise (maximum) positions.
    • Feedback style compression circuit
    • AwTAC Amplifiers are designed and tuned to sound Awesome when clipping
  • Rupert Neve Designs R6 Features:
    • Massive Connectivity: Interchangeable XLR, TRS, and DB-25 I/O connections are provided to ensure that you can connect wherever you go with the backpanel patchbay
    • Over 150% Reserve Power: Even with modules that overdraw the 500 series specification (by up to 190%), the R6 has the reserve power to maintain the voltage
    • Power Monitoring: An LED Meter monitors the R6 current usage to ensure that you never run short on power. This meter can also be useful for troubleshooting a module that is severely overdrawing its allotment
    • Channel 7-8 Thru Conversion: The channel 7-8 thru connections can be used as a way to quickly and easily convert your signal from/to DB-25, XLR, and TRS connectors
    • 48V Phantom Supply: Provide rock-solid phantom power to your microphones with the R6's robust 48V buss
    • "Built For The Road" Frame: A solid steel enclosure, two sets of rugged rubber feet for horizontal and vertical mounting and a collapsible handle make the R6 completely portable and ready for the road
    • Rack Mountable: Add the optional Rupert Neve Designs R6 Rack Mount Kit to adapt your R6 to any standard 19-inch rack. This rack kit is available for R6 racks with serial numbers higher than 250 (shipped after June 2015). When the bottom feet are removed, the R6 takes up 3U of rack space.

AwTAC Stereo Channel Strip + RND R6 Bundle Includes

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