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Hands on with the IGS NE573

Aug 8th 2019
It's no secret that IGS makes some fantastic clones, and furthermore – brings most of those clones to the 500 series format. IGS' latest offer, the NE573, continues that we


Aug 1st 2019
Warm Audio announced today that the TB12 Tone Beast Preamp has undergone a facelift and now available in a black finish. Same great preamp with a sexy new look! This is

The Ehrlund EHR-E

Jul 31st 2019
The Ehrlund EHR-E features the same triangular shaped capsule as their EHR-M (which we covered in a previous blog post), but has a few notable differences. The first to not

The Uniqueness of the Ehrlund EHR-M

Jul 26th 2019
The Ehrlund EHR-M is a unique, and quite impressive microphone. The three things that you notice about this mic, the first time you see it, are; it's triangular capsule, it

sE Electronics releases drum miking kits

Jul 9th 2019
sE Electronics has released two new drum miking kits that include everything you need to get a great drum sound on the road, or even in the studio. To the mix, sE has brough

Looptrotter launches the Sa2rate 2

Jun 26th 2019
Looptrotter Audio Engineering has announced that they new 2nd gen version of their Sa2rate has been released today. Looptrotter touts the new Sa2rate 2, saying:The second ge

The Universal Audio Ox Box just got cooler!

Jun 18th 2019
For those of us that love our tube amps, and want to be able to get the most out of them, and expand on them, while not sacrificing their flexible, powerful, dynamic tone –

The Triad-Orbit IO-G is a GoPro Must!

Jun 4th 2019
Triad-Orbit is known for making high quality, and innovative mic stands and mounting accessories. The Triad-Orbit line offers a ton of powerful and flexible stands and moun

Highland Dynamics BG1 Compressor - Classic Tube Compression!

Mar 20th 2019
We are happy to announce the latest evolution of classic tube compression, the Highland Dynamics BG1 Compressor which is now available at Front End Audio. What better than

Presonus' new USB-C interfaces

Jan 25th 2019
Presonus has come out the gate this year, bringing a splash with five new audio interfaces. If you are familiar with their Studio series interfaces, you'll be glad to hear

Introducing the Warm Audio WA-84 Small Diaphragm Microphone

Jan 23rd 2019
Warm Audio has just announced their WA-84 Small Diaphragm Microphone.  The WA-84 is a vintage-style cardioid condenser microphone that is based on classic microphone ci

Grace Design m908 - the new gold standard in Monitor Controllers!

Jan 22nd 2019
For years, the Grace Designs m906 Monitor Controller was the gold standard Monitor Controller in the industry. It represented the pinnacle of sonic performance, features, reli