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The Yamaha PX5 Power Amplifier combines intelligent processing with high output power to meet the requirements of a vast range of sound reinforcement environments. It utilizes Yamaha’s unparalleled professional audio expertise to achieve a light, durable design, capable of delivering maximum output power to the speakers while simultaneously protecting them with optimized processing.

The Yamaha PX5 Power Amplifier is designed to achieve the highest possible levels of sound quality, power output, and reliability in sound reinforcement, studio, and installed applications.

Powerful, Efficient Design
The Yamaha PX5 is driven by a newly developed Class-D amplifier engine that concentrates all the necessary functions into a single custom LSI chip, and uses PLL technology to control transfer characteristics in real time, achieving impressive sound quality and power. This new single-chip architecture offers higher output and improved performance in a more lightweight, yet reliable design. A combination of cutting-edge technology and an exhaustive component selection process make Yamaha PX5 is supremely efficient amplifier with low noise, reliable protection features, and above all, outstanding sound quality.

Versatile Lineup
With a lineup comprising four new models – 1,200 W x2 PX10, 1050 W x2 PX8, 800 W x2 PX5, and 500 W x2 PX3 – the Yamaha PX series offers a versatile range of different power output capabilities suitable for a wide variety of sound reinforcement applications. The Yamaha PX3 and PX5 also come equipped with a Power Boost Mode that combines the power output from two channels into one, achieving significantly higher single-channel power levels to drive high power handling speakers when needed (note that the number of channels available is halved in this case). (Power output figures rated at 4 O).

Sophisticated Signal Processing
Yamaha PX5 comes with flexible onboard crossover, filters, delay, limiter and PEQ (fixed preset) functions as standard, allowing quick and easy system setup via the LCD display, without the need for any additional outboard gear. It also feature Yamaha’s intelligent D-CONTOUR multi-band dynamic processing, allowing users to achieve consistent clarity and high-quality sound for either front-of-house or monitor configurations.

Easy, Intuitive Setup
To accommodate users with varying levels of sound reinforcement experience, the Yamaha PX5 offers both Basic and Advanced setup modes. Basic mode allows even inexperienced users to easily configure a system that meets their needs, while Advanced mode offers experienced users more precise control over every aspect of their sound. It features eight programmable presets for instant recall and reduced setup time that can be saved to a USB thumb drive and shared with other Yamaha PX amplifiers.

Smart Configuration Wizard
The Config Wizard allows users to save even more time during system setup by assigning optimized speaker settings that match your system configuration– simply select the appropriate filter and crossover for each speaker, and Config Wizard will do the rest. Config Wizard also features presets specifically tuned for each model in Yamaha’s extensive lineup of passive speakers, including the popular CBR, Club, Installation, and VXS/VXC series, and an advanced mode that allows more detailed configuration of parameters such as input routing, input sensitivity, amp gain, and speaker impedance. Presets may be added and updated in the future.

Flexible Connectivity, Durable Construction
Equipped with both XLR and TRS inputs, and binding post, SpeakON and phone outputs, PX Series amplifiers offer the flexibility needed for a variety of setups and environments, and the durability to stand up to extended road-use thanks to the sturdy chassis and carrying handle design.

Utilities for Safe and Secure Operation
Yamaha PX5 Amplifier makes it fast and easy to configure panel settings, monitor amplifier status, and transfer data via USB, and also feature a panel locking function to keep your settings safe. Users can even export information such as internal device and log data to USB for rapid troubleshooting should difficulties arise.

Yamaha PX5 Power Amplifier Features

  • Newly developed Class-D amplifier engine with a custom LSI
  • Flexible onboard PEQ, crossover, filters, delay, and limiter functions
  • Yamaha Speaker presets
  • Utlities for safe and secure operation
  • Class-D amplifier engine with single custom LSI chip and PLL technology
  • Power Boost Mode combines the power output from two channels into one
  • Configuration Wizard allows for configuration of the system by assigning optimized speaker settings which can be saved as presets
  • Digital routing of inputs & output (dual, parallel, single & SUM)
  • DSP functions include PEQ, crossover, filters, delay & limiter, accessed via an LCD display
  • D-Contour multi-band dynamic processing shapes the frequency response of speakers for specific applications
  • Basic mode for quick setup and Advanced mode for more precise control
  • Flexible connectivity with XLR & 1/4" TRS inputs and binding post, SpeakON & 1/4" TS outputs
  • Presets can be saved to USB drive for use with other amplifiers and setups
  • Panel-locking function to keep settings safe
  • Two 16-step variable-speed fans
  • Lightweight chassis

Yamaha PX5 Power Amplifier Specifications

  • 100V Models:
    • Output Power; 1kHz Non-Clip 20msec Burst Both Channels Driven:
      • 8O: 500W x 2
      • 4O: 800W x 2
      • 2O: 500W x 2
      • 8O/Power Boost Mode: 800W x 1
      • 4O/Power Boost Mode: 1200W x 1
  • 120V Models:
    • Output Power; 1kHz Non-Clip 20msec Burst Both Channels Driven:
      • 8O: 500W x 2
      • 4O: 800W x 2
      • 2O: 500W x 2
      • 8O/Power Boost Mode: 800W x 1
      • 4O/Power Boost Mode: 1400W x 1
  • 220V-240V Models:
    • Output Power; 1kHz Non-Clip 20msec Burst Both Channels Driven:
      • 8O: 500W x 2
      • 4O: 800W x 2
      • 2O: 500W x 2
      • 8O/Power Boost Mode: 800W x 1
      • 4O/Power Boost Mode: 1400W x 1
  • General Specifications:
    • Sampling Frequency Rate:
      • Internal: 48kHz
    • A/D D/A Converters: AD/DA: 24-Bit Linear, 128 Times over Sampling
    • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.1% (1kHz, 10W), 0.3% (1kHz, Half Power)
    • Frequency Response: ±1.0dB (1W, 8O, 20Hz to 20kHz)
    • S/N Ratio: 101dB (A-Weighted, 8O, Gain Setting = +14dBu)
    • Crosstalk: Less than -60dB (Half Power, 8O, 1kHz, Vol Max Input 150O Shunt)
    • Voltage Gain/Sensitivity:
      • 8O Volume Max: 32.0dB/+8.3dBu (Gain Setting: 32dB), 26.0dB/+14.3dBu (Gain Setting: 26dB), 36.3dB/+4dBu (Gain Setting: +4dBu), 26.3dB/+14dBu (Gain Setting: +14dBu)
      • 8O Volume max /Power Boost Mode: 34.0dB/+4.1dBu (Gain setting: 32dB), 29.0dB/+10.1dBu (Gain setting: 26dB), 35.1dB/+4dBu (Gain setting: +4dBu), 25.1dB/+14dBu (Gain setting: +14dBu)
    • Maximum Input Voltage: +24dBu
    • Input Impedance: 20kO (Balance), 10kO (Unbalance)
    • I/O Connectors:
      • Speaker Output Ports: Neutrik SpeakON NL4 x2, Binding Post x2 Pairs, 1/4" PHONE(TS) x2
      • Line Input: XLR-3-31 x2, 1/4 "PHONE(TRS) x2
      • Others: USB 2.0 Standard-A Connector (Female) for Save/Load, Speaker Preset Update, Firmware Update with USB Memory; AC Inlet x1 with AC Cord Clamp
    • Indicators: POWER x1 (Green), ALERT x1 (Red), USB x1 (Green), PROTECT x2 (Red), CLIP/LIMIT x2 (Red), SIGNAL x2 (Green); Auto LED Off Feature
    • Processors: Input Summing; D-CONTOUR(FOH/MAIN, MONITOR, OFF); Delay(0 - 74msec); HPF/LPF(cut Off Frequency 20Hz~20kHz with Polarity Control); Speaker Processor(6 Band PEQ + Limiter + Delay)
    • Latency: 5 msec (Analog Input to Speakers)
    • Presets: 8 User Amplifier Presets (Factory Preset: Speaker Presets for Yamaha Passive Speakers)
    • Protection Circuit:
      • Load Protection: POWER Switch On/Off: Output Mute; Output Voltage Protection: Over Voltage Limiter, User Configurable by Wattage and Speaker Preset; DC-Fault: Power Supply Shutdown (NOT Restored Automatically)
      • Amplifier Protection: Thermal: Output Limiter (Restored Automatically) ? Output Mute (Restored Automatically); Over Current: Output Mute (Restored Automatically); Over Voltage: Output Limiter (Restored Automatically); Integrated Power Limit: Output Limiter (Restored Automatically)
      • Power Supply Protection: Thermal: Output Limiter (Restored Automatically) ? Power Supply Shutdown; Over Voltage: Power Supply Shutdown; Over Current: Power Supply Shutdown
    • Amplifier Class: Class D, Balanced Output Circuit (BTL)
    • Cooling: 16 Step Variable Speed Fan x 2, Front to Rear Airflow
    • Power Requirements: Depending on Area of Purchase; 100V 50Hz/60Hz, 120V 60Hz, 220V-240V 50Hz/60Hz (Verified as Operating at Rated Power Voltage +/- 10% Voltage)
    • Power Consumption: 160W (1/8 MAX power, 4O, Pink noise at all channels), 55W (4O, Idling)
    • Dimensions:
      • W: 480mm (18-7/8")
      • H: 88mm (3-7/16"): 2U
      • D: 388mm (15-2/8")
    • Net Weight: 6.9 kg (15.21 lbs)
    • Operating Temperature: 0°C to +40°C
    • Storage Temperature: -20°C to +60°C

Yamaha PX5 Power Amplifier Includes

  • 1 x Yamaha PX5 Power Amplifier
  • 1 x AC Adaptor (2m)
  • 1 x USB Cover
  • 1 x Owner’s Manual
  • 1 x Spec Sheet
  • 1 Year Warranty

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