Waves Manny Marroquin Triple D Plug-In


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Waves Manny Marroquin Triple D Plug-In is created in collaboration with GRAMMY®-winning mixing engineer Manny Marroquin.

Waves Manny Marroquin Triple D Plug-In Details

Manny Marroquin on the Waves Manny Marroquin Triple D Plug-In: "?Getting rid of "?boxy" sound, harshness and sibilance can take a lot of work "" if you want to do it right, which means not EQing things out and carving certain frequency ranges completely out of your signal. The Triple D plugin makes it easy to remove those unpleasant, even painful, frequencies. So why is it called "?Triple D", you may ask? Here"?s why: DeBoxy, to remove "?boxy" sound from the low mid area; DeHarsher, to eliminate harshness in the mids/high mids; and DeEsser for all those high "?sss"? and "?shh"? sounds. With Triple D, it"?s a breeze to get your vocals sounding the way they should."

Waves Manny Marroquin Triple D Plug-In Features

  • Three "?Ds": DeBoxy, DeHarsher & DeEsser
  • Clean up vocal tracks quickly & easily
  • Created in collaboration with GRAMMY-winning mixing engineer Manny Marroquin
  • Supports AAX Native, Audiosuite, RTAS, AU, and VST
  • This Plug-in is also included in the Manny Marroquin Signature Series, and Mercury
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Waves Manny Marroquin Triple D Plug-In Additional Information

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