Vanguard Audio Labs V13 Tube Microphone

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Vanguard Audio Labs V13
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Vanguard Audio Labs V13 Tube Microphone

The Vanguard Audio Labs V13 Tube Microphone provides a perfect blend between a robust vintage tone, and modern details. The rich smooth character of the V13 makes it a stellar microphone for both male and female vocals, acoustic instruments, guitar cab, and drums. Giving you the depth and range of the source, without losing the nuances - all with a silky vibe.

The Vanguard Audio Labs V13 is a large-diaphragm multi-pattern valve condenser microphone. Crafted by experts over the course of 2 years, it combines vintage warmth with smooth modern detail. After extensive testing and listening by world-class engineers, we can say with pride that the performance of this mic will rival or exceed that of both iconic vintage and modern microphones at a fraction of the cost.

The Vanguard Audio Labs V13 is very different from other mics in its price range. It is designed and precision-built in limited quantities to “no-compromise” standards. Vanguard Audio Labs started with an extra-large 34mm edge-terminated, gold-sputtered 3µm Mylar dual-capsule assembly and custom-voiced it with a proprietary hand-tuning process, placing it in an open-weave headbasket for a natural sound with low internal reflections. They then designed a circuit that matches the unique musical properties of our capsules and loaded it with premium-grade, over-spec components sourced from manufacturers around the world. They cryogenically treated critical components in the signal path, including a hand-selected European vacuum tube. They placed the low-frequency roll-off and -10dB pad toggle switches on the rear of the microphone, where they are easily accessible to the engineer. They topped off the electronics with an ultra-linear, fully shielded, custom-wound, dual-bobbin humbucking transformer for the output stage to drive long cable runs. Aesthetically, the precision-machined brass body is coated with a signature Pinot Noir, finished with a deep, lustrous gloss, and accented by polished nickel trim and a precision-cast Vanguard badge. Machined into the rear of the microphone is a cooling vent to prolong tube life. Your V13’s serial number is laser-engraved on the lower rear of the microphone. The V13 was designed by a team of experts with more than 65 years of experience and vetted by world-famous award-winning engineers and producers.

The Vanguard Audio Labs V13 was designed in the USA, and undergoes final assembly in sunny Southern California. Vanguard Audio Labs performs 100% quality control – every single microphone undergoes a series of stringent audio and visual tests in Southern California before being hand-packed. Every part of the V13 was designed to be robust and reliable. Wherever possible, components were over-specced. The deep-cycle cryogenic treatment improves the lifespan and performance of critical electronic components. Brass, steel, aluminum, and zinc are part of the heavy-duty construction.

Vanguard Audio Labs V13 Tube Microphone Features

  • Custom-voiced, edge-terminated 34mm dual-capsule assembly with 3µm gold-sputtered Mylar diaphragms
  • 9 polar patterns (selectable at power supply)
  • Vacuum tube analog circuitry with premium-grade components
  • Hand-selected European vacuum tube
  • Deep-cycle cryogenic treatment of critical signal path components
  • Transformer-coupled output – humbucking, shielded, dual-bobbin transformer
  • -10dB pad and low-frequency rolloff toggle switches
  • Robust power supply design for ultra-low noise floor
  • Heavy-duty brass, aluminum, steel, and zinc metal construction
  • Rear venting to prolong tube and component life
  • Open-weave headbasket for low internal reflections and “open-air” voicing
  • Each V13 comes with its own laser-engraved serial number
  • Over-spec componentry
  • Deep-gloss Pinot Noir finish
  • Polished nickel trim
  • Precision-cast Vanguard badge
  • 100% Quality Control

Vanguard Audio Labs V13 Tube Microphone Specifications

  • Transducer Type: Condenser
  • Capsule Size: 1.34″ / 34mm (dual-capsule)
  • Diaphragm Size: 1.04″ / 26.4mm
  • Capsule Diaphragms Thickness: 3µm
  • Electronics Type: Valve/Tube, Transformer-Coupled Output
  • Output Impedance: 200Ω
  • Max SPL: 134dB (144dB with pad)
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20000Hz
  • Equivalent Noise Level: 13dB (A-weighted)
  • S/N Ratio: 82dB (Ref. 1Pa A-weighted)
  • Sensitivity: -35dBV
  • Output Connector: Male XLR 7-pin gold-plated
  • High-Pass/Rolloff Switch: 125Hz (6dB/octave)
  • Attenuation/Pad Switch: -10dB
  • Finish: Polished nickel trim / High-gloss Pinot Noir
  • Weight (microphone): 1.07 lbs / 0.48kg
  • Weight (in case): 11.67 lbs / 5.29kg
  • Dimensions (microphone): 8.18″ long, 1.98″ diameter / 208mm long, 50.5mm diameter
  • Dimensions (case): 16.73″L x 12.80″W x 5.25″H / 425mmL x 325mmW x 142mmH
  • Voltage Requirement: 110-240V

Vanguard Audio Labs V13 Tube Microphone Includes

  • PS-13 Power Supply
  • VLSM Large Shockmount
  • Padded Pinewood Microphone Storage Box
  • Locking Aluminum Carrying Case
  • 7-Pin Braided Microphone Cable
  • Power Cable
  • 5-Year Warranty

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    Vanguard V13 is the best mic I have ever used!

    Posted by Edward Halterman on May 2nd 2019

    So I finally got a chance to use this mic on vocals, background vocals and an acoustic guitar! This mic has exceeded all of my expectations! I have to admit I was skeptical, but after being in the music business for over 30 years, this mic is the last one I ever need to own! This mic just sounds sweet! This is the best mic I have ever used under $10,000! This one cost under $1,000 and worth every penny! I have used, AKG414 vintage and new, U87, 251s, U47 & U67s vintage and new, and the new love of my life besides my gal is the Vanguard V13! This mic has a sound all it's own and is so very, very special in it's own right! Warm, pleasing and sweet! Thank you, Warren for steering me here, it's because I trust you, otherwise I never would have even tried it! Thank you Vanguard Audio Labs, you guys are it for me!