Vanguard Audio Labs V13 gen2 Tube Microphone

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Vanguard Audio Labs V13 gen2

This is a brand new item and we have stock on the way, so pre-order and reserve yours now! We will keep you updated as we are provided information on the arrival. If you have a deadline then please contact us before placing the order so we can meet your expectations.

The Vanguard Audio Labs V13 gen2 is on order and expected to be shipping soon. While we have limited information we will be updating this pages in the coming days product images and specs. Per Vanguard Audio.

"We have upgraded many components to audiophile-quality parts, sourced from American parts manufacturers. These upgrades have netted us a lower signal-to-noise ratio (even though we already had a superb reputation for low noise mics), and vastly improved sound staging. In addition, we not only upgraded key components, but also made physical design upgrades in several key areas. We even improved the fit and finish of the final product, so not only are they World-Class performers, but they look damn good while they are doing it!

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