Summit Audio DCL-200 Tube Compressor

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The Summit Audio DCL-200 Tube Compressor is a dual channel compressor/limiter with stereo linking capabilities. Based on a hybrid design, the DCL-200 combines the most desirable sonic characteristics of vacuum tubes with the increased reliability of solid state devices, giving you an incredibly clean, precise sound, with the overtones and warmth of tube technology.

The Summit Audio DCL-200 Tube Compressor's circuitry incorporates selected 12AX7A vacuum tubes with high-reliability 990 op-amps in a transformerless signal path. This exceptional compressor is perfectly suited for use in professional recording studios, MIDI project studios, broadcast facilities, sound reinforcement, and mastering studios.

It's everywhere!

A mainstay of both the live sound and studio environments, the Summit Audio DCL-200 has helped shape the sound of countless concerts and albums for decades, as well as holding down the fort in many of the best dance clubs around the world.

Dual hybrid design

The Summit Audio DCL-200 is a dual channel hybrid design compressor/limiter that incorporates hand selected vacuum tubes with high reliability 990 op-amps in a transformerless signal path, giving you an incredibly clean, precise sound with the subtle overtones and warmth of tube technology.

Studio and stage

The Summit Audio DCL-200 uses a soft-knee and program dependent transition characteristic that is extremely versatile and musical sounding, making it a go-to piece for tracking, mixing, and even mastering. Because of the program dependent nature of the DCL's compressor, a higher slope will result in more compression but the circuit constantly adjusts itself to the incoming signal, making it easy to set and forget.

Hand-crafted in the USA

Each piece of Summit gear is meticulously crafted by hand in Summit Audio shop using only the best quality components and attention to detail. Quality components and engineering know-how are the critical element to the sound and longevity of audio gear.

Summit Audio DCL-200 Tube Compressor Features

  • Continuously variable attack and release times
  • Adjustable threshold
  • Variable slope (ratio)
  • Output gain control
  • Soft-knee transition characteristic
  • Stereo link switch
  • Dual true VU meters
  • Side chain insert
  • Bypass switch
  • Hand crafted in the USA

Summit Audio DCL-200 Tube Compressor Specifications

  • Output:
    • VU: +4dBu corresponds to 0 VU
    • Type: balanced or unbalanced using 990 Operational Amplifiers
    • Output Impedance: 75 O
    • Recommended Output Load: 600 O or more
    • Maximum Output: +30 dBu
  • Input:
    • Type: Electronically balanced
    • Input Impedance: 40 k O
    • Input Clipping: +24dBu
  • Frequency Response: 5 Hz to 70 kHz
  • Noise: Less than –80 dBu at unity, 10 Hz to 80 kHz
  • Distortion: Less than 0.05% at +4 dBu
  • Attack Time: 0.1 mS to 100 mS
  • Release Time: 45 mS to 10 S
  • Slope: Adjustable from 1.1:1 to 7:1
  • Panel Size: Standard 19” by 3.5” (2 units of rack space)
  • Depth: 10.5”
  • Power: 40 watts, 115 or 230 volts, 50 or 60 Hz
  • Fuse Size: 0.5 Amp for 115 VAC, 0.25 Amp for 230 VAC
  • Shipping Weight: 20 lbs. (9KGs)

Summit Audio DCL-200 Tube Compressor Includes

  • DCL-200 Tube Compressor Unit
  • User Manual
  • 3 Year Warranty

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