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The Steinberg Cubase Pro 12 Recording Software is the culmination of decades of Steinberg development all rolled into the most cutting-edge Digital Audio Workstation. Used by professional producers and musicians around the world, for; composing, recording, mixing and editing music, the Cubase Pro 12 brings outstanding audio quality, intuitive handling and a collection of highly advanced audio and MIDI tools.

Steinberg Cubase Pro 12 Recording Software condenses decades of music software development experience into the most advanced and intuitive audio production environment available today. Used by star producers and musicians for composing, recording, mixing and editing music, Cubase Pro combines outstanding audio quality, flexible handling, state-of-the-art audio and MIDI tools with a range of inspirational VST instruments and effects in a way that cements your personal approach to music production. Uniting technical innovation and artistic inspiration, Cubase Pro represents an awesomely powerful yet instantly accessible music production environment.

Steinberg Cubase Pro 12 Recording Software Features

  • Number of audio/MIDI/Instrument tracks: Unlimited
  • Physical inputs and outputs: 256
  • Group channels: 256
  • FX inserts/send/return channels: 16 / 8 / 64
  • VST instrument slots: 64
  • Number of included MIDI/Audio effect plug-ins: 18 / 81
  • Number of included VST instruments: 4
  • Number of included instrument sounds: > 3,000
  • External instruments / effects: Yes
  • Professional score layout and printing: Full
  • Chord track / Chord Assistant: Yes / Yes
  • Side-chain inputs: Yes
  • Advanced comping: Yes
  • Phase-coherent multi-track AudioWarp: Yes (new)
  • VariAudio 3.0: Yes
  • TrackVersions: Yes
  • Advanced Audio Export: Yes
  • Audio Alignment: Yes
  • Track Edit Groups: Yes
  • Control Room: Yes
  • Dolby Atmos for music: Yes (new)
  • VCA Faders: Yes
  • Frequency 2 dynamic equalizer: Yes
  • Spectral Comparison EQ: Yes

Steinberg Cubase Pro 12 Recording Software Specifications

  • Operating systems
    • (Windows)
      • 64-bit Windows 11 (version 21H2 or higher)
      • 64-bit Windows 10 (version 21H2 or higher)64-bit Windows 11 (version 21H2 or higher)
      • 64-bit Windows 10 (version 21H2 or higher)
    • (Mac)
      • macOS Monterey
      • macOS Big SurmacOS Monterey
      • macOS Big Sur
      • Apple silicon-based MacApple silicon-based Mac Native App Rosetta 2 App
  • CPU minimum
    • Intel Core i5 (4th Generation) or AMD Ryzen for Windows
    • Intel Core i5 (mid 2013 or later) or Apple silicon for MAC
  • CPU cores: 4 or more
  • RAM minimum: 8 GB8 GB
  • Hard disk free space (full installation): 70 GB
  • Display resolution minimum at 100% UI scaling 1440 x 900

Steinberg Cubase Pro 12 Recording Software Includes

  • License for Cubase Pro 12 Recording Software

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  • 3
    I really want to be able to switch away
    Nicholas Liu

    Cubase is awful. It's buggy, new bugs are introduced with each major update, it costs an arm and a leg to update, updates don't add that much but you basically have to get them because they may have a key bugfix. (Bugfixes aren't backported to previous versions.) Cue the vicious cycle. Unfortunately there's nothing better for large orchestral MIDI projects and deep notation editing, so I'm stuck. Studio One is rapidly catching up with new articulation management and Notion features, so I would recommend new users to just use that.

  • 5
    Excellent Recording/Composition Software

    Been using Cubase for years and it gets more stable and useful with each release. The 6.5 VST synth add-ons sound really nice. The program is not single-window like ableton and others which I prefer. In terms of midi composition and editing, it has no peers. Audio editing is on par with Pro Tools. 64bit works great.

  • 5
    No Competition

    Don't believe the hype that Protools is the only game in town! I've been using Cubase since 95 on an Atari ST and it keeps getting better and better. I have no complaints. Steinberg continually stays ahead of the curve with each release and this is no exception. Their version of Auto-tune is built in on the version and you can even program cc changes for each individual note! Nobody has that yet:) Get some!