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The SPL IRON V2 Mastering Compressor is the latest version of the IRON and features several revisions including a Side Chain Insert, a Side Chain EQ Presets and it is equipped with Long Plate tubes. Same great unit, fantastic new features!

The IRON V2 Mastering Compressor comes in a new revision with features improving operation and sound. This updated hardware revision can be recognized by the “IRON v2” labeling on the serial number sticker. IRON v2 now has Side Chain Inserts with XLR sockets instead of Side Chain Inputs with TS sockets only.

The IRON V2 is a unique Mastering Compressor crafted by SPL designer Wolfgang Neumann, featuring a tube architecture and a Vari-Mu-operational principle, built atop SPL's now-famous 120 Volt Rail technology found in their best offerings. So, to be clear - The SPL Iron is not a copy or tribute piece; IRON is something completely new. So, buckle up... Right out of the gate, no less than SIX rectifier settings for the detector circuit are available, as well as four distinct filters present in the side-chain signal path. Tube Bias settings (Low, Mid, High) are available per each channel. As if these features aren't enough, they are joined by features such as "AirBass" and "Tape roll-off" as additional tibre-shaping tools. The controls for Attack, Release, Ratio, Input and Output are designed as a rotary switch, as it is typical for effect units to be used in mastering.

One unique feature to IRON is the "Audition" function which allows you, once engaged, to set a time interval at which IRON will engage the bypass relays so you can have a truly objective perspective on how IRON is compressing and coloring the audio. No more moving around to patch in and pull the patch cables - or doing anything other than simply listening. Well done, Wolfgang. The IRON is a wonderful and complex sounding compressor which can provide a multitude of approaches to applying finishing touches individual tracks, subgroups, or full mixes to cement the work. And as the name should imply, there is quite a bit of heft and weight that IRON can apply to your sound. Thus, the IRON combines not only the sonic virtues of legendary vintage tube compressors with the advantages of the High Dynamic 120 V operating voltage in a single unit. It also sets a new benchmark in terms of tube compressor technology, with the innovative implementation of a parallel dual-tube circuit.

The IRON V2 sports three new features:

  • Side Chain Inset:  Balanced Side Chain Inserts are now standard using send and return XLR sockets instead of Side Chain Inputs with TS sockets only. That makes it easy to add an equalizer of choice into the control voltage path to create individual filter curves to focus the response of the compression to certain frequency ranges.
  • Side Chain EQ Filter Curves: presets which makes operation faster and more intuitive.
  • New Tubes: IRON v2 is now equipped with Wathen CryoTone 12AX7-WCM Long Plate tubes. These are the perfect match to the parallel connected 12AU7 tubes in its circuit, which results in an improved sound and longevity.

SPL IRON Mastering Compressor Features

  • Variable bias tube compressor
  • Vari-Mu Operation Principle
  • High Dynamic 120 Volt Rail technology - Maximum Headroom
  • Parallel dual tube circuit
  • Tube selection and pairing with Weigl Roe Test
  • Specially conceived Mu-Metal iron transformers
  • Feed-forward resistive vactrol-opto-isolator
  • Switchable Detector Circuit Rectifier Types/Values:
    • Germanium (1mF, 2mF)
    • LED (3.3 mF)
    • Silicon (330 nF)
    • Germanium (220 nF)
    • Germanium /Silicon (100 nF)
  • Six different Rectifier settings available
  • VU Meter Control (GR, VU, VU+10)
  • Tube Bias (Low, Mid, High)
  • "AirBass" and "Tape roll-off" timbre-shaping
  • Sidechain that allows you to choose between Off, four sidechain-filter presets or an external sidechain signal.
  • All functions can be adjusted via switches or, in the case of the Threshold, with a detented potentiometer
  • In Link mode, the Threshold, Tube Bias, Attack, Release, and Rectifier parameters, as well as the Sidechain EQs, are controlled with the right side (channel 2) of the unit.
  • Additional passive 120V equalizer with two presets
  • 120V operating voltage
  • Auto Bypass mode: This "Audition" feature is an adjustable time-interval Engage/Bypass which provides an accurate perspective for critical decision making
  • Made in Germany
  • Available in Black, All Black, and Red.

SPL IRON Mastering Compressor Specifications

  • Frequency Range: 10Hz - 40kHz
  • CMRR (@ 0dBu): 1kHz: › >80dB / 10kHz: > 65dB
  • THD & N (@ 0dBu): >82dB
  • Noise (A-weighted): - 98dBu
  • Total Harmonic Distortion:
    • 0,06 % @ 1kHz/-10 dBu
    • 0,01 % @ 1kHz/0 dBu
    • 0,002% @ 1kHz/+10 dBu
  • Input Impedance: 20 kOhm
  • Max. Input Level: + 32.5dBu
  • Output Impedance: > 50Ohm
  • Max. Output Level: + 32.5dBu
  • Power Consumption: max 45W
  • Fuses
    • 230 V/50 Hz: 1 Amp
    • 115 V/60 Hz: 2 Amp
  • Dimensions
    • 482 x 177 x 311,5 mm
    • 19" x 7" x 12,25"
  • Weight: 11 kg / 24.25 lb

SPL IRON Mastering Compressor Includes

  • IRON Mastering Compressor
  • IEC Power Cable
  • Manual
  • Two Year Warranty

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What We Think


We were introduced to the SPL IRON Mastering Compressor by Sascha from SPL. It's physical presence is commanding to say the least. IRON is a bona fide compression toolkit which features compression and tonal shaping tools never before implemented in a mastering quality compressor. Granted it may take a little while to fully explore all of the features and sonic possibilities that the SPL IRON is capable of, but thankfully, it sounds phenomenal at it's most basic settings. If maximum tweakablility is your thing, then IRON is your compressor.

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