Smart Research Deluxe DI Box

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Smart Research Deluxe DI
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Smart Research Deluxe DI Box

The Smart Research Deluxe DI Box is designed to solve many instrument recording and DI problems. Designed in real studio by musicians and engineers looking for a better solution.

For instance, one guitar feeding down long cables to 3 amps in a different area, without hums or change of tone. Smart Research Deluxe DI Box includes a balanced line driver for long cables; speaker level DI input gain DI Box / Splitter for up to 8 DI's or amplifier feeds. Smart Research Deluxe DI Box was concieved at Real World Studios, to solve the problem of a guitarist wanting to play in the control room and have amplifiers set up in a live room sometimes several hundred feet away. Prototypes were also used at Virgin/ EMI Townhouse and Manor studios. Since then producers and artists such as Tom Lord Alge, Peter Gabriel, Paul Weller, and Tears for Fears have bought systems. Four systems were used to cure problems for Peter Gabriel's live show, where two stages had to be inter -connected with 300 feet of cable carrying guitar signals from radios to effects pedals on both stages and back to amps on the main stage without degradation, (allowing each stage to be patched independently).

The Smart Research Deluxe DI Box comprises two DI/splitters in both the TRANSMIT and RECEIVE boxes, giving 8 isolated outputs. In addition, the RECEIVE unit has a speaker simulator input, so you can plug the speaker output of an amp in for 'dirty' Di sounds with or without a speaker connected. All the Di/splitters on both boxes have break jack inputs and can be used as separate Di's if desired, as well as earth lift switches to stop hum problems. This means there are a total of 8 outputs with the Smart Research Deluxe DI Box version. A line driver and receiver and a speaker simulator are also featured.

The optional DI System Re-Amp Cable is used to send a recorded signal back through an amplifier, pre-amplifier or effect pedals for further treatment. XLRF input to standard mono jack, incorporating a balanced to unbalanced 26dB pad. It can be used to feed the Smart Research Deluxe DI Box input for distribution to several devices; or one isolated output to an amp or pedal if the system is being used at line level.

Smart Research Deluxe DI Box Features

  • Includes balanced line driver for long cables
  • Speaker level DI input
  • Comprises a transmit box and receivce box
  • Features 4 unity gain DI Box/ Splitter for up to 8 DI's or Amp feeds

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