Smart Research 2Tools Transport Interface

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Smart Research 2Tools
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Smart Research 2Tools Transport Interface

The Smart Research 2Tools Transport Interfacee makes ProTools behave as a true tape machine to work with SSL E and G consoles, and provide traditional mixing and tracking sessions.

Working with ProTools as master, Smart Research 2Tools Interface saves time, and avoids word clock sync issues. Play is instant with no waiting for lock. With Smart Research 2Tools Interface, you can drive ProTools from wherever your work is focused. Now you will not wait for SSL mix computer commands like 'Cycle Mix' etc.

Smart Research 2Tools Interface has two software versions; 1.4U SSL E/G, PT & MMC and 2.2U SSL E/G, PT & MMC. The software downloads are standard midi files, and can be installed with any midi librarian program (see link above). For SSL and PROTOOLS, 1.4U software is compatible with all PROTOOLS versions to date, and uses the 'CS10' midi protocol for record commands. This requires Digi's additional Legacy Midi Controllers support file installed in PROTOOLSâ"¢. Version 2.2U now uses the more standard â??HUIâ?? midi controller protocol (no additional file needed). There's no need to update to this if you are using 1.4U, but its recommended for new installations, or if you upgrade PROTOOLS in future.

Smart Research 2Tools Transport Interface Features

  • Smart Research 2TOOLS Interface takes parallel transport switch closures from mixing consoles and turns them into Transport control messages (via MIDI MACHINE CONTROL or RS422.)
  • Translates transport information from systems such as Smart Research PROTOOLS into tach, direction & lamp signals, for mixing consoles and their associated automation systems

Smart Research 2Tools Transport Interface Specifications

  • MIDI Sockets: 2 x 5 way MIDI DIN Sockets
  • D Type: 9 way D Female, 25 way S29E D Female
  • Main Inlet: IEC mains inlet (incorporating drawer for fuse and spare)
  • Mechanical: A quite little biddy, bitty box
  • Dimensions: 230 x 105 x 62 mm
  • Weight: Approx 1KG
  • Power Requirement: Auto ranging AC voltage input: 100v - 240v
  • Power Consumption: 15 watt
  • Fuse: Fit only 250v 630mA type T, slow blow fuse

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