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The sE Electronics sE4400 Microphone is hand-crafted with the highest attention to detail, built with a roadworthy die-cast all-metal housing, metal switches, and rugged spring steel wire mesh grille that can take a beating during day-to-day tour life. The sE4400 appeals with its down-to-earth elegance, offering discrete electronics prioritizing the features you really need.

The sE4400 is the predecessor to the 4400A and features a new shock mount that allows for close-miking, a spring steel reinforced mesh grille and a new polished finish. The sE Electronics sE4400 Microphone is constructed using the finest quality electronic components and extensively tested to provide you with years of trouble-free operation. The sE4400 offers the vintage versatility at its finest. Four polar patterns, a vintage-style brass capsule, two bass cuts and two pads, and the most adaptable shockmount around - the sE4400 is a pure modern classic! Much like a few particularly well-known classic European condensers, the sE4400 is a true all-rounder. You can put it up on just about anything and it'll sound great. Vocals, guitars, toms, overheads, classical pianos, strings, you name it. Its tonal versatility is practically unmatched, without the shortcomings of vintage mics.

sE Electronics sE4400 Microphone Features

  • Hand-crafted true condenser capsule individually tuned in our own factory
  • Classic vintage sound and all-metal housing
  • Switchable pickup patterns, cardioid, omnidirectional, figure-eight, and hypercardioid
  • Innovative close-miking shockmount
  • 40 / 80 Hz bass-cut filters and -10 / -20 dB pads
  • Available in a matched-pair configuration

sE Electronics sE4400 Microphone Specifications

  • Capsule: Hand-crafted 1" Gold-sputtered True Condenser
  • Diaphragm: Gold-sputtered mylar
  • Polar patterns: Cardioid, Hypercardioid, Omni-directional, Figure-8
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 25 mV / Pa (-32 dBV)
  • Max SPL: 137 / 147 / 157 dB (0/10/20 dB Attenuation pad - 0.5% THD)
  • Equivalent noise level: 13 dB(A)
  • Signal to noise ratio: 81 dB
  • Low-cut filter: 40 / 80 Hz, 6 dB/Oct, switchable
  • Attenuation pad: 10 / 20 dB, switchable
  • Electrical impedance: 22 Ohms
  • Connectivity: 3-pin male XLR connector
  • Powering: 48V Phantom Power (P48 according to IEC 61938)

sE Electronics sE4400 Microphone Includes

  • sE Electronics sE4400 Microphone
  • Custom shockmount + thread adapter
  • Metal case

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    Nice all purpose mic.
    Tom Kingston

    While the SE4400A is nothing to drool over it is a nice all purpose mic. The build quality is rugged. The suspension mount is excellent and flexible. And the carrying case is bulletproof. But what about the sound? It's surprisingly stable between cardioid, hyper-cardioid, and figure of 8. Of course all Omni-directional mics have a sound of their own. And the Omni pattern is a bit more sensitive to position than some. But overall the core sound is quite good. The only con is the noise floor. Although it is very stable and predictable, which is a good thing. It can easily be removed with noise reduction. It's fine in a mix but won't be my go to mic for sparse mixes, quiet sources, or narration/podcasting. But it is workable in these situations provided you have a good noise reduction plug-in. And the overall tone is nice; not flat or over-hyped. And the small size, great suspension mount, and pickup patterns make it a very flexible mic.