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The Roswell Mini K47 Microphone is the definition of a workhorse. It's honest, yet energetic nature provides quality recordings of any sound source. It may be a small mic, but it packs a lot of versatility - making it a valuable asset in any studio.

The Roswell Mini K47 Microphone is the most affordable K47-based condenser microphone on the market, capturing the tone of a vintage microphone, with modern performance specifications.. The "K47" refers to the capsule design. The capsule in this microphone is modeled after the one in the Neumann's U47. It provides a full, balanced tone without any harshness or hype in the upper frequencies. It will record less sibilance and fewer mouth sounds on your next vocal track. It will add weight and body to high strings. It will reduce the jangle in strummed acoustic tracks. For this microphone, Roswell chose a very clean and transparent circuit design. It lets the sound of the capsule pass through without alteration. Self-noise and distortion performance are on par with microphones costing significantly more. We've applied the best tricks we've learned from modifying and upgrading other companies' products. To ensure that every Mini K47 microphone delivers superior performance out of the box, Roswell tests them extensively prior to shipping: for polarity, noise, frequency response, and sensitivity.

The Roswell Mini K47 Microphone differs extensively in its components, its performance, and its sound. The most significant difference is in the capsule. The Roswell Mini K47 Microphone -- as its name states -- uses a true 34mm K47 type capsule, modeled after the capsule in the most famous microphone of all time. Roswell selected this capsule because it delivers a beautiful midrange detail with a neutral top end. The Mini K47's individually biased JFET circuit provides a much lower input capacitance, and ensures the highest possible gain without distortion. The Mini K47 also uses a polystyrene capacitor, since they are generally considered to be the most neutrally voiced, cleanest sounding capacitors. The main signal capacitors in this circuit are polypropylene film types, imported from Germany. This combination of components delivers a sonic profile that is much more musical and balanced than anything in its price category.

Roswell Mini K47 Microphone Features

  • Large K47 style capsule with gold-plated membrane
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • True single-backplate 34mm K47 style capsule
  • 3-micron diaphragm for enhanced articulation
  • Ultra-clean, low-distortion transformerless circuit
  • Imported, audiophile-grade capacitors
  • High sensitivity
  • Low self-noise
  • Modern performance with vintage tone
  • Low-noise transformerless circuitry
  • Ultra-clean signal path (no switches)
  • Specially selected, audiophile-grade components
  • Durable, heavy solid brass body

Roswell Mini K47 Microphone Specifications

  • Model: Mini K47
  • Acoustic principle: Pressure gradient transducer
  • Capsule: 34mm true condenser, K47 style, single backplate
  • Diaphragm: 3 micron Mylar, center terminated
  • Directional pattern: Cardioid
  • Frequency Range: 20-16,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 18 mV/Pa
  • Impedance: 114 Ohms
  • Signal-to-noise: 81 dBA
  • Equivalent noise: 13 dBA
  • Supply voltage: +48 VDC Phantom Power
  • Output connector: XLR3M
  • Output: Electronically balanced (transformerless)
  • Physical dimensions: 150mm A - 44mm; 325g (mic only)

Roswell Mini K47 Microphone Includes

  • Mini K47 Microphone
  • Cutaway Shockmount
  • Aluminum Flight Case
  • Manual
  • One Year Warranty

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  • 5
    solid and clear

    I'm a novice, I have no experience with high end mics. My 2 best mics are an AKG C214 and now the Roswell Mini K47. I've tried both out as overheads on my drums and I prefer the sound of the Mini K47. It's smoother, not as harsh as the C214 on cymbal crashes. On vocal recordings it's also better than the C214, I hate to keep using smooth as a description, but it's an accurate one. Way better than my MXL 770's. I will be getting another one soon from Front End Audio. They sent it quick and well packaged. Great little mic that's within my beginner budget.

  • 5
    Ronald Renninger

    Everything was perfect..from initial call to recieving a terrific mic in a timely manner. keep up the good work! Ron

  • 5
    Low cost high end classic 47

    I checked out Roswell microphones, read a lot of reviews, and realized they are creating exceptional products at very reasonable prices - quite a great alternative to your name-brand products at big-box retailers. Just received, well packaged, classy looking mic and starting to put it through its paces, including front of kit, ac guitar, vocals. More to report soon. . . .high expectations, though.

  • 5
    Experience Oppulent
    Jeffrey Harris

    There service was excellent. I will buy again. Thanks.

  • 4
    Great quality and an even better value
    Wally Wawro

    There's been some buzz about the Mini K47 and for the $ it's a terrific buy. The mic itself is well made and the sound is warm, punchy and immediate. I bought two. But the microphone clip that comes with the unit sucks...the threaded screw knob that tightens the mic for positioning breaks easily. I probably should beg for a new one. You might consider the optional shock mount or better still see if something Rycote makes will fit it. This pair went into a VO booth at a TV station, I've also borrowed them for music and on they are really nice on brass and amps. Again a quality mic and a good value. Watch for occasional sales too.

  • 5
    Roswell Mini K47 Condenser Microphone

    From my short time with this mic I'm quite happy. Overall build quality is high and the mic when recorded has a very nice smoothness to it. It is distinctly transparent, a quality I'm not used to, but I think this is a flavor that I'll appreciate more as I work with it. It was shipped in a largish box with almost no packing and it survived it's Fed-Ex trip, so I am reassured that the internal construction is also robust. I'm used to mics that have a bit of hyped high end (read as just about any "consumer oriented" LDC), but this mic has a sound I can only describe as natural. It is less susceptible to plosives than my other 2 LDCs, and that may be due to the construction of the mesh grill. It appears that there are additional finer layers behind the outer mesh. I would not risk damage by not using a pop filter externally for vocals, though.

  • 5
    Great Little Mic
    Mark G.

    Great sounding mic for the money. Really quiet/low self noise. Blows away Chinese mics in this price range. For the price, there is no excuse - this mic should be in your mic locker!

  • 5
    Wow. Just wow.

    I finally got to track some electric guitar last night (with an API2550 based preamp), and this is finally the condenser mic that hears like my ears hear. Wonderful full range tone that doesn't have me running for an EQ. It is VERY sensitive. Even with the pad on the mic pre, I was pushing the input of the DAW pretty hard. I may be in the market for an inline pad. It is Finally tracked some electric guitar (with an API2550 based preamp)Finally, a condenser mic that hears like my ears. Wonderful full range tone that doesn't have me running for an EQ. It is VERY sensitive, even with a pad on the mic pre I was pushing the levels. May be in the market for an inline pad. Also really good at picking up the room sound around you. In my case, my room sucks. So I use it very close to the source to keep the track clean. Surprise, very little proximity effect. Just as wonderful on acoustic guitar. At this price, it's a steal.

What We Think


The Roswell Mini K47 Microphone is a surprising first offering from Roswell. It is quite musical, with an overall smooth character and nice rich elevated mid range. It is clearly well suited for vocals (male or female), and does a solid job at capturing the detail of the performance. Yet furthermore, it has a lush tone to compliment the chest resonance of the performer. More surprising still is that the mic does not pigeonhole itself into a one trick pony. It equally performs as well on electric guitar cab (clean and distorted), pairs well with brighter acoustics, holds its own on drums and drum overheads, and more pleasing to me - is the performance on mandolin. Mandolin can be an interesting and challenging instrument to record, but my mandolin seemed to be quite fond of the Mini K47. As well as I. All in all, a solid mic at a great point that won't kill your wallet. I'm curious, and interested in what else Roswell will have to offer.

Ryan Ferris, Pro Audio Sales

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