Retro Doublewide II 500-Series Tube Compressor


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The Retro Doublewide II 500-Series Tube Compressor is a single-channel compressor that installs into two slots of a standard 500 series rack yet it requires only 130-milliamps of current - just like the original Retro Doublewide compressor.

Also retained from the original are the gray painted front panel, high-quality US-made Simpson gain-reduction meter, and hand wiring throughout (no troublesome ribbon cables). Retro Doublewide II's excellent build-quality is apparent starting with the American-made PC board and extends to the durable and attractive stainless steel case and, don't forget, Retro only use Cinemag's highest-quality input and output transformers for authentic tone and weight plus the complete freedom from external interference and noise.

During initial user testing and comparison, the Doublewide II immediately exceeded all expectations with increased flexibility and control that many original Doublewide users have demanded. With both faster attack and release (recovery) times now possible, the Doublewide II excels at energizing vocal tracks as well as controlling bass, guitars and drum tracks in an elegant and transparent way or go extreme and radical—or dial in anywhere in between!

The beta testers/recording engineers found the new Doublewide II nearly magical for processing all percussive sounds easily; it's capable of tight, sonic consistency all the way to explosive, full-bodied impact on snares, kicks and tom-toms. With the addition of the new stereo linking feature (in a 500 racks that support linking), two Doublewide IIs are just amazing for drum overheads, pianos, stereo pads, backing vocals; the list grows daily with new uses coming in from our customers.

Retro Doublewide II 500-Series Tube Compressor Features

  • Front panel meter zero control
  • Stereo link switch and indicator
  • Wider range of Attack and Release Times
  • Aggressive capability similar to the Retro Instruments 176 Limiting Amplifier
  • Improved signal-to-noise ratio, better frequency response and tube character
  • Uses premium-quality Cinemag input and output transformers
  • Uses readily available 12AT7 and 12AU7 tubes
  • Durable stainless steel chassis, hand-wired
  • Gold-plated edge connector
  • Power consumption: 130 milliamps

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  • 5
    The Big Friendly Grey Tube Compressor
    Ethan Waltz

    There's a lot of gear to be had, but none so loving as the Retro Doublewide II 500-Series Tube Compressor! While you can certainly get aggressive sounds with different settings, it excels at smoothness, niceness, warmness, and being really, really easy to use. Clients will love it, you will love it, and your engineer friends will ask to borrow it, but you won't let them.