Primacoustic PrimaBlock

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Product Code: 9999-14236
Primacoustic PrimaBlock
Availability: Oversized & Heavy

Primacoustic PrimaBlock

A heavy vinyl roll used in construction, designed to reduce sound transmission through walls, floors, and ceilings.

Primacoustic PrimaBlock is a heavy vinyl that is mounted inside the wall structure to help reduce sound transmission. This 1lb/psf emulates the weight of lead without the worrisome toxicity concerns. The 54” width provides a 6” overlap when tacking two rows together to create a 96” width. The PrimaBlock is easy enough to install. All you have to do is loosely suspend between studs using staples and apply drywall directly on top. Simple enough, right?

Primacoustic PrimaBlock Specifications

  • Roll size: 54” x 30’ (1.4m x 9.15m)
  • Coverage: 135 sq-ft (12.5 sq-meters)

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