Primacoustic London 10 Room Kit (Beige)

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Primacoustic London 10
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Primacoustic London 10 Room Kit

The Primacoustic Broadway London 10 Room Kit treats rooms up to 120 sq ft and includes Control Columns, Scatter Blocks, and Surface Impalers. The London 10 is a ideal way to treat your room while still offering you a solution that works with tight budgets. This kit is beige in color. 

The Broadway London 10 room kit is designed for rooms up to 120 sq ft (11.1 sq m), or can be combined with other products to treat larger spaces. Whether you are building a recording studio, home theatre, or Boardroom, these easy-to-use kits are a perfect place to start. The London 10 contains select Broadway panels that tackle problems affecting any room, such as primary reflections, flutter echo, and standing waves. In addition to acoustic panels, each London 10 room kit includes the corresponding mounting hardware and instructions for easy installation. Broadway panels are made from high-density 6lb per cubic foot fiberglass, offering nearly five times greater absorption than typical low cost foam alternatives. This means that you get more absorption with less panels, while assuring an even absorption curve throughout the frequency range. The London 10 room kit is available in black, beige or grey fabric or in Absolute White™ paintable finish.

Science of London Room Kits
The single most important goal when treating the acoustics of a room is to create a neutral listening space so that decisions made during the recording process will translate well to the car stereo, home entertainment system and on the radio. Most residential or commercial rooms are rectangular with parallel walls. This means that these rooms will suffer from powerful primary reflections, flutter echo, standing waves and resonance. The good news is that since we know that these problems exist, we can predict what will occur and develop solutions to address each one. Does this mean that with a London room kit you can turn a bedroom into a million dollar studio? No, this would be impossible. But what we can do is turn a bad sounding room into a very functional recording space that will enable you to get work done. This page explains how the London room kits work.

The London 10 - A LEDE Room Variant
For the past 20 years, studio control room designs have evolved to where today, most employ variants of the LEDE or live-end, dead-end room concept whereby the source end of the room tends to have more treatment while the receive end of the room has less. The ‘idea’ behind the design is that with more treatment at the source end of the room - where the primary left, right and center speakers are located - the engineer will be better equipped to make critical decisions such as spatial placement of the instruments, percussion, voices and effects in the mix. The rear or receive end of the room is intentionally left more ‘live’ to better replicate a ‘real’ listening environment such as a living room. The London 12 employs this same approach whereby the majority of the absorption is applied to the source of the room while the balance is positioned behind the listener.

London Room Kit Specifications
London room kits consist of select Broadway panels and mounting hardware. Acoustic panels are constructed of high density (6lbs/pcf) rigid glass wool with resin hardened edges. The edge treatment works in tandem with the micro-mesh to fully encapsulate and contain the glass fibers. The outer fabric covering is acoustically transparent polyester and available in three neutral colors for an architecturally attractive appearance. Installation is easy with the included mounting hardware. We even supply the screws, drywall anchors and drill bit to get you started fast. Broadway panels have been tested to meet stringent class-1 fire ratings making them suitable for use in residential and commercial spaces.

Primacoustic London 10 Room Kit Features

  • Complete recording studio in a box
  • Live-end, dead-end (LEDE) room design
  • High performance fabric covered acoustic panels
  • Includes easy-mount hardware and screws

Primacoustic London 10 Room Kit Specifications

  • Broadway Acoustic Panel Specifications:
    • Core Material: Formed, semi rigid inorganic glass fibers
    • Density: 6.0 lbs. per cubic foot (96 kg/m3)
    • Fabric Facing: Acoustically transparent polyester tweed
    • Encapsulation: Micromesh on front and rear surface, resin treated edges
    • Absorption H2O : < 2% by weight @ 120°F (49°C), 95% relative humidity
    • Temperature: -20°F ~ 150°F (-29°C ~ 66°C)
    • Fire Rating: Class-A (ASTM E 84 / CAN/UL-S102 see details below)
    • Mounting: Galvanized steel impalers, drywall anchors and screws

Primacoustic London 10 Room Kit Includes

  • 8 x Control Columns: 12" x 48" (305 x 1219mm), 2" (51mm) Thickness, w/ Beveled Edge
  • 12 x Scatter Blocks: 12" x 12" (305 x 305mm), 1" (25mm) Thickness, w/ Beveled Edge
  • 28 x Surface Impalers: For mounting Control Columns and Scatter Blocks. Drywall anchors and screws included.
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