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The Phoenix Audio Gyrator 500-Series Equalizer draws inspiration from the golden era of solid state analog gear (the 1970's), to bring the familiar tones of the loved active inductor EQs, to accomplish incredibly smooth and musical character.

The Phoenix Audio Gyrator 500-Series Equalizer is one of today's most unique and musical EQs, allowing an incredible variety of sounds useful for everything from clean high-headroom mix buss tone shaping to deep frequency carving to smooth Class-A circuit saturation. Available either as a mono 500-series module (running at 24v) or coupled to two of our remarkable Class-A Ascent Mic Preamp/DIs in a stereo 1RU unit, the Gyrator EQ is as powerful as it is fun to use.

Phoenix Audio Gyrator 500-Series Equalizer Features

  • Gyrator/500 Gyrator EQ 500: mono 500 series without Preamp/DI (operates at 24v)
  • 4 Bands of Gyrator EQ + High-Pass Filter
    • High – 25K (sheen) 15K, 10K, (shelving EQ)
    • Hi Mid – 6K, 3K, 1K6 (Bell curve EQ)
    • Low Mid – 800Hz, 400Hz, 200Hz (Bell curve EQ)
    • Low – 130Hz, 80Hz, 40Hz (shelving EQ)
    • High Pass Filter at 80Hz, 12dB/octave
  • EQ Cut/Boost Levels
    • 16dB Cut/Boost Per Band
    • all EQ bands are stepped/detented to 21 positions for easy recall & stereo operations for mastering or the mix bus.
  • Gyrator-EQ/500 has an overall stepped output level with +15db of additional gain even while the EQ is in bypass, allowing the output fader to be used to drive the output stage & transformer to colour & saturate your sound, again even when the EQ is in bypass.
  • Phoenix Audio's Class-A DSOP-2 Output Amplifier with custom-wound transformer.
  • 24v built PSU so you can feel the sound of the 'true' unit and not be limited by the limitions of running at 16v which is the standard Lunchbox voltage.

Phoenix Audio Gyrator 500-Series Equalizer Specifications

  • Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz +- 0.5dB
  • Maximum Output Level: +26dBu @ 1kHz
  • Noise: -90dB @ 20Hz to 20kHz.
  • Input level range: -10dBu to +10dBu
  • Gain Meter: LED Metering (Green = -2dB, +4dbu & +10dbu Yellow = +13dB, Red = +16dbu)
  • 24v built PSU

Phoenix Audio Gyrator 500-Series Equalizer Includes

  • Gyrator 500-Series Equalizer
  • Warranty Information

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