Peluso Saddle & Stem for 34mm Capsules


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The Peluso Saddle & Stem is designed for use with 34mm Capsules and is a sure-fire way to ensure that your new Peluso capsule will fit in the mic that you are modifying.

This Saddle & Stem should be used with the CEK-12, P-K67, P-K47, and P-K87i capsules.

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  • 5
    Fits like a glove
    Sammy Meyerratken

    Well, not much to say about the saddle. It fits the capsule perfectly!

  • 3
    New Saddle Design

    The PK47 saddle is different from what is shown in the photo. It has been re-designed with a "step" in the surface. The step minimizes the contact area to let the capsule acoustically "float", which is good, but this does shift the capsule's center-point a little so the diaphragm will be mechanically offset about 3mm. The offset did not appear to affect the acoustics. The capsule mounting holes are slotted but still just barely matched the PK-47 capsule. Stem mounting is via a pair or 2mm screws with lock washers.

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    Make sure you get the stem!
    Philip Bernosky

    If you're upgrading your mic, make sure you get the right stem - this fits the CEK47 perfectly.

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    Exact Fit

    Well made and rubberized for dampening. Easily mounts to mic plate with two screws, which are included. No screws are supplied for capsule mount.