Peluso CEK 12 Microphone Capsule


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The Peluso CEK 12 Microphone Capsule is an AKG style microphone capsule designed by Peluso for great frequency and transient response.

These capsules are made by Peluso Microphone Lab. They buy the metal work from China and then the sputtering and diaphragm work is done at their lab in the U.S. These are very nice capsules, with great frequency and transient response. These are of the finest quality, and with the costly machine shop work done in China, we can sell them at a fraction of the cost of a comparable German capsule.

Special Note

Front End Audio strongly recommends purchasing the Peluso Saddle & Stem with this capsule, as most stock Saddle & Stems do not fit Peluso replacement capsules.

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    CEK Pelsuo capsul
    Dennis Ward

    They sound actually quite good, however I'm having to send another capsule back due to functional issues.

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    A very bright capsule, but, in a good C12-ish circuit (I used a modified apex 460) with a good transformer (I used a Peluso T14-1) the sound has depth and fullness that is just wonderful. Too bright for my voice, but, the pair of mics I made with these are super all around performers, they sound good on just about anything. For my voice I'm preffering the Peluso 2247 SE, so, I like peluso!

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    What A Difference !

    Replacing my mics capsule with a Peluso brand, definately makes a difference. Now the mic sounds like 10 times the price it cost. Please install with care not to damage the diaphram. I covered the capsule with a small heavy duty zip lock bag while installing. Purchase with Peluso mount to make the install easier. Excellent mic mod !

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