Dave Dalton - Wonder Lake, IL
November 2022

Vanguard Audio Labs V13 gen2 Tube Microphone

Value: $1,149

"The Vanguard V13 Gen2 sounds about as gorgeous as it looks. It's a large-diaphragm multi-pattern tube microphone with a very smooth and modern sound. It's detailed but with the character and warmth of older vintage microphones. This unique character of the V13 makes it a great mic for all vocal applications, as well as for use with stringed acoustic instruments. The V13 gen2 is Vanguard's flagship microphone and when you hear it in action, it's obvious why."


- Wes DeLoach, Front End Audio Sales

Dan Phillips - Santa Barbara, CA

October 2022
Cranborne Audio Camden EC2 Preamp
Value: $1,199

The Camden EC2 is a super versatile 2-channel microphone preamp. It’s essentially a rackmount, two-channel version of the Camden preamp we all love from Cranborne! These preamps are very clean with plenty of gain and for each channel, you have two nice color/saturation options: Thump and Cream. With the variable MOJO control knob, you’re able to control how much of that analog saturation or “Mojo” you’d like per channel.

- Wes DeLoach, Pro Sales Sales