Mooktronics PDI 500 Passive Direct Box (Used)

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Product Code: USED-1003
Mooktronics PDI 500
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Mooktronics PDI 500 Passive Direct Box

Front End Audio acquires previously owned gear through our Buy-Back program. You can purchase used gear at a great price but there are no manufacturer warranties with these items. These items have been inspected and/or tested by our staff to make sure each one is in working condition and comes with our commitment to service. This Mooktronics PDI 500 looks and functions perfectly, we don't see many of these on left on the market!

Mooktronics PDI 500 Passive Direct Box Features

  • VPR Alliance approved
  • 1/4" gold plated input and thru jacks
  • Thru jack can be selected as a summed input
  • Pad button attenuates hot input signals 10dB
  • -20 button adds an extra 10dB's of attenuation
  • Polarity switch reverses output signal
  • G-Lift removes the ground circuit, eliminating noise
  • Logic controled relays for optimized signal path

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