Manley Reference Mono Gold Microphone

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Manley Reference Mono Gold
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Manley Reference Mono Gold Microphone

When high fidelity is the goal, the Manley Reference Mono Gold Microphone is the solution! This is one of the finest microphones your money can buy in pursuit of true and accurate musical recordings. It's nimble American-made CK12-style capsule, open grille, and continually variable polar pattern design allow it to hear deep into a room, capturing nuances and subtleties like no other microphone. Some engineers say it sometimes hears more than they do!

The Manley Reference Mono Gold Microphone employs Manley's own design of large diaphragm capsules (1.25 inch overall, 1 inch diaphragm diameter) which are executed to precise tolerances made possible by modern micro-milling machinery - available today in California. The capsule rings and back-plates are all milled from solid brass. The gold diaphragm film comes from Germany and is tensioned using proprietary techniques by David Josephson ensuring capsule-to-capsule constancy, combined with the speed, "air", and superb ultra-high frequency response you have only dreamed about. The all-tube electronics in the Manley Reference Mono Gold Microphone are built around two triodes in cascade forming an entire gain-block. The output is coupled through a Manley output transformer of unparalleled quality and substantial physical size employing nickel laminations with "hum bucking" bi-filar windings, encased in mu-metal. The polar pattern control is continuously variable between the Omni, Cardioid, and Figure 8 positions vastly increasing this mic's versatility. The Gold Mics make it possible to exactly tailor the proximity effect to achieve the desired character.

Manley has also chosen a very open weave stainless-steel grille for the capsule window. This allows high frequencies to reach the capsule unimpaired, letting the engineer choose if, when and how much pop screen is appropriate. As a result, the Reference Gold reaches to the furthest extremes of highs and lows with gorgeous, natural acoustic smoothness. Manley’s proprietary precision suspension system is provided with each Reference Microphone (the capsule itself is mounted onto a neoprene-rubber shock-mount.) Because the entire working "guts" of the microphone may be removed for service in one piece from the housing, it is envisioned that the microphone need not be removed from the suspension. They also provide a very useful swivel of their own design with every Reference Microphone; its T-bar handle and locking clutch action require no tools to adjust. Each Manley Reference Mono Gold Microphone is packaged in a strong locking carrying-case with it’s power supply, microphone cable, manual, cleaning cloth and a genuine leather capsule protector which slips (and ties) onto the end of the microphone to protect the capsule when not in use.

Manley Reference Mono Gold Microphone Features

  • Made in the USA
  • Open weave stainless-steel grille
  • Completely Variable Polar Pattern

Manley Reference Mono Gold Microphone Specifications

  • All-Tube triode design
  • -10 dB switchable pad
  • Frequency response: 10Hz-30KHz
  • Sensitivity: 17mV/Pa
  • Noise typicallyL -120dB EIN
  • Max SPL: 150dB
  • Output Impedance: 250 Ohms
  • Weight: 2.25 lbs (mic)
  • Size: mic body 2” diameter x 9.7” long x 4.5” (mic suspension outside diameter)
  • Shipping weight: 15 lbs
  • Universal (and very quiet!) Manley power supply (switch mode power supply; works worldwide)

Manley Reference Mono Gold Microphone Includes

  • Manley Reference Mono Gold Microphone
  • Manley power supply with IEC cable
  • Manley 6 pin microphone cable (24 ft)
  • Manley polishing cloth
  • Manley hard shell protective case
  • Manual & warranty information

What We Think

“The Manley Reference Mono Gold Microphone is truly a “Magic Microphone” and lives among other classics like the 251, U67 and C800. The detail and musicality it offers is unmatched, in our opinion. The Reference Gold is known for it’s ability to capture every nuance and subtlety of a performance while making it sound even bigger and better. It’s a very open sounding, full range microphone with plenty of air and detail, yet has a warmth and richness to it. While it’s usually used and loved for recording vocals, the Manley Gold can handle any sound source and is particularly great on acoustic guitar. And, it’s variable polar pattern design allows so much versatility and makes this a great room microphone for all types of recordings. No matter the sound source, the Manly Reference Gold is simply breathtaking.”

- Front End Audio

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