Maag Audio PREQ2 500-Series Preamp

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The Maag Audio PREQ2 500-Series Preamp is the powerful little 500-Series brother to the PREQ2, boasting 71dB of gain, distributed between a Class A discrete transistor preamp along with a sizable nickel-core Input Transformer.

TheMaag Audio PREQ2 500-Series Preamp features ¼-inch TS Jacks on the front of the unit for high impedance (1 Mega-Ohm) Instrument Input, accompanied by a ¼-Inch Output Thru Jack. This jack simultaneously provides an isolated, buffered output – a duplicate of the Instrument Input signal at unity gain. The thru jack’s output signal is active not only for running long leads to instrument amplifiers or stomp pedals but also when using the microphone input. In this case, the microphone input is amplified by +10dB, offering an unbalanced tip/sleeve signal at the mic thru jack. This signal enables creative experimentation with stomp pedals, amplifier cabinets, or Leslie speaker cabinets for dynamic live tracking. The PREQ2-500 has a 70Hz High Pass Filter, +25dBU of headroom, an EIN noise level of -128dB, and the acclaimed AIR BAND with 9dB of boost at 2.5, 5, 10, 20 and 40KHz.

Maag Audio PREQ2 500-Series Preamp Features

  • Front panel ¼-inch Instrument Input and Instrument/Microphone Thru output.
  • Discrete Class-A transformer-coupled preamp with reamplification capabilities.
  • 71dB of gain available, making it optimal for multiple instruments and ribbon mics.
  • The globally acclaimed Air Band®, featured on numerous chart-topping records.
  • Continuously variable large red GAIN knob.

Maag Audio PREQ2 500-Series Preamp Specifications

  • Max Gain 71dB
  • Noise level at the lowest gain setting is -100dB. EIN is -128dB
  • The microphone transformer feeds a differential set of front-end Class A discrete transistors paired with a FET input operational amplifier
  • High and low gain push button switch. Low range: +20dB to +42dB. High range (gain +25 switch with green LED): +42dB to +71dB. Switchable -20dB pad
  • +48-volt phantom power, switchable, with red LED. Phase reversal switch: switches the phase of the balanced output
  • Green signal present LED, red peak LED lights at +25dBu

Maag Audio PREQ2 500-Series Preamp Includes

  • Maag Audio PREQ2 500-Series Preamp
  • Manufacturer Warranty

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