Lindell Audio LiN2A Vintage Limiting Amplifier

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The Lindell Audio LiN2A Vintage Limiting Amplifier provides the smooth and punchy character of tube-optical compression and limiting with straightforward intuitive controls. Designed in Sweden with Black Lion Audio components, the LiN2A is a great option with a friendly price tag!

Lindell Audio meticulously engineered the LiN2A to faithfully reproduce the tonal quality and ease-of-use of the de-facto dynamics processor of the past 60 years. Tube-Opto compression/limiting is all about highly musical character and fluid (slightly lazy) dynamic control, where the more you drive it, the cooler it sounds. The LiN2A provides that to the home studio world with a unit that is both easy to use and affordable! The Lin2A’s simple control scheme belies its versatility. Thanks to its superlative Black Lion T4BLA opto element, it can effortlessly deliver transparent level-smoothening for silky vocals… or add a bit of the bite and weight to bass and kick tracks. The 2A-style compression forgoes the conventional ratio, attack, and release controls of other compressors in favor of a simple 2-knob interface with program-dependent responsiveness. In short: you couldn’t make it sound bad if you tried. We heated it up and ran some tracks through the LiN2A here at the Front End Audio demo studio, and it was a pleasure to use! Check out our demo video to listen to those tests and watch our Out Of The Box video to see what all comes with the Lindell LiN2A. If you have any questions on this or any of the other great Lindell gear, let us know - the FEA team is here to help!

Lindell Audio LiN2A Vintage Limiting Amplifier Features

  • True tube-driven optical compression and limiting
  • Superb Black Lion T4BLA Opto Element for smooth gain reduction and transparency
  • USA-made transformer
  • Quick, effortless two-knob user interface for instant results
  • Dynamically responsive Compress mode (≈3:1) and hard Limiter (∞:1) mode
  • Ultra-fast attack and level-dependent release
  • Vintage-style VU for monitoring
  • Balanced input and output

Lindell Audio LiN2A Vintage Limiting Amplifier Specifications

  • Attack: Dictated by T4BLA optocell
  • Release: Dictated by T4BLA optocell
  • Ratio: Program-dependent
  • Gain: Up to 40 DB ±1DB
  • Voltage: 115VAC, 230VAC rear panel switchable AC Mains Input: IEC320-C14 standard plug.
  • AC Mains Input: 100V-240V depending on supplied
  • Width: 438mm (19”)
  • Height: 88mm (2U)
  • Depth: 250mm

Lindell Audio LiN2A Vintage Limiting Amplifier Includes

  • Lindell Audio LiN2A Vintage Limiting Amplifier
  • Power Cable
  • Manual & Documents

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The Lindell LiN2A is an exceptional piece of gear with solid components, especially considering the affordable price tag for a ‘2A-style’ unit! Being an optical compressor/limiter, the LiN2A doesn’t get any easier to use and does its job very well. While auditioning the unit here at Front End Audio, I particularly enjoyed it in limit mode. It sounded so smooth, especially on lead vocals. I recommend trying it on bass too! It fattens a track just the way you'd expect from a tube compressor. All around, it’s an excellent piece of hardware and a great addition to any studio!

Wes DeLoach, Pro Audio Sales

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