Lindell Audio LiN 76 Vintage Limiting Amplifier

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Lindell Audio LiN 76

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Lindell Audio LiN 76 Vintage Limiting Amplifier

The Lindell Audio LiN 76 Vintage Limiting Amplifier has been carefully designed to recreate the timbres of nuances of vintage-era ‘76-style FET compressors. The Lindell Audio LiN 76 gives instant vibe for today’s demanding studios!

The most classic and respected sounds of dynamic processors live on in the LiN 76, as well as the infamous “all-button” mode made famous by British recording engineers throughout the 1970’s — a sound that’s still popular today.

All-Buttons” Mode
“All-buttons” or “all-in” mode is engaged when all compression ratio buttons are pressed in at the same time. This refers to usage with the original 76-style compressors, as it switches the unit to a compression ratio that the unit was not intended to provide. It essentially gives you an infinity to one compression ratio. This creates a very strong limiter sound, which works great for squashing sounds; classic “must-have” sound for all engineers to have.

External Power Supply
The external power supply helps reduce noise and interference that can happened with internal power supplies. Not only does this kind of supply help eliminate internal generated noise, but is also much most cost-effective to build.

Meter Calibration
Analog and digital signals operate on 2 different scales. You can calibrate the Lin76 as you see fit. You will notice that the calibration can be set and used precisely rather than just being a pretty moving light (that other pieces of equipment have a tendency to do). Other 76-style compressors tend to lack calibration tools, which essentially make the VU useless as a proper metering tool. With the LiN 76, the meter can be calibrated for any level at any time!

Lindell Audio LiN 76 Vintage Limiting Amplifier Features

  • Instant vintage-vibe dynamics processing
  • USA-made transformers
  • “All-button” mode, which gives old-school heavy compression for maximized color
  • Balanced TRS input and output
  • 4:1, 8:1, 12:1, and 20:1 ratio modes
  • Vintage-style VU for monitoring
  • VU is able to be easily calibrated, as opposed to other affordable 76-style compressors
  • Variable attack and release times, with ultra-fast attack options

Lindell Audio LiN 76 Vintage Limiting Amplifier Specifications

  • Attack: Continuously variable 20uS to 800uS
  • Release: Continuously variable 50mS to 1200mS
  • Ratio: Push button selected 4:1, 8:1, 12:1, 20:1 and any combination
  • Voltage: 12VAC
  • AC Mains Input: 100V-240V depending on supplied
  • Width: 19 Inch Rack Space
  • Height: 2U

Lindell Audio LiN 76 Vintage Limiting Amplifier Includes

  • Lindell Audio LiN 76
  • External Power Supply
  • Paperwork and Warranty Information

What We Think

At this price point, I wasn't sure what to expect from the Lindell LiN 76..especially given the number of other 1176 style "clones/recreations" on the market. But after spending some time with this compressor, I was impressed! As 1176 FET style compressors are, this unit is very fast. And sonically, I feel it’s cleaner than some of it’s competition! That being said, speeding up the attack can add a nice weight to your track. This would be a great tracking compressor to have for things like bass guitar and vocals. But if you’re looking to slam/smash a mono drum room microphone or throw this on a parallel bus, it’s great for that too - at higher ratios. The “all buttons in mode” does that thing that 1176 style compressors do. And it does it well. As for the build quality, the LiN 76 looks and feels more expensive than it is. The buttons all feel good. And the pots are all stepped with good resistance. Lindell did a great job with the LiN 76 and for the money, I think you’d be hard pressed to find a better sounding 1176 style hardware compressor. Get one and hear it for yourself! - Wes DeLoach, FEA Sales x1002

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