KRK RP7 Monitors & Stands Package

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KRK RP7 Monitors & Stands Package
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KRK RP7 Monitors & Stands Package

The KRK RP7 Monitors Package includes a pair of KRK RP7 G4 Active Monitors, a pair On Stage Stands SMS6000-P Monitor Stands and a pair of 10-Foot Balanced Cables with your choice of XLR or 1/4 Neutrik connectors.

The KRK Rokit monitors are one of the best monitors on the market for those looking for high quality at and reasonable price. They have a deep and punchy bottom, with a crisp clear top end, and smooth mids that sit back just slightly. This signature sound makes them great for musicians and engineers that specialize in Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Hard Rock, and Metal, pretty much anywhere you need to know that the kick punchy, the snare snaps, the bass hits, and the vocals cut, and that there are no conflicts between the low energy instruments. Bundled with balanced cables (connector configuration of your choice), you know the signal patch from your converters to your monitors can be trusted and reliable.

With the On Stage Stands SMS6000-P, you get a stable and well built stand to get your monitors off you desk, greatly reducing transference, and opening up real estate for that second computer screen you need. Add a pair of Auralex MoPads to help further isolate your speakers and ensure monitoring quality.

KRK RP7 Monitors & Stands Package Includes

  • 2x KRK RP7 G4 Active Monitors
  • 2x Monitor Stands
  • 2x 10-foot Balanced Cables

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