Kahayan Vintage 80 Series Mix Buss Processor


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The Kahayan Vintage 80 Series Mix Buss Processor is a stereo processor that allows to insert in your mixbus setup the summing bus circuit of the classic 80 series consoles.

The music of the ‘60s and ‘70s was characterized by a sound that was warm, fat, and rich, with a breathtakingly detailed midrange, now thanks to this unit you can add to your mix all this harmonic structure and colored sound.

The Vintage 80 series Mix Buss is designed to be used mostly as an insert on the mix bus, but can also be used to enhance instrument group busses. We suggest to insert it before you start mixing and then mix through it. This helps you tailor the mix and get the best sound.

All the components used in manufacturing come essentially from the same manufacturers that supplied the ones used originally, reproducing and expanding the benefits of these.

The controls included are:

  • DRIVE: controls harmonic distortion: It sounds like aggressively hitting a console mix buss. High settings increase grit and drive. Lower settings tend to open up the dynamics. Begin with extreme settings so that you can really hear the effect.
  • OUTPUT: fader to compensate the output level as you adjust the drive control.
  • BLEND: The Dry/Wet blend control determines the balance between the original and the processed signal. The range is from 0% (dry, unprocessed) to 100% (wet, processed signal only).
  • IRON BYPASS: Output transfomer bypass switch. This ouptut transformer is part of this classic midrange sound, when you byppas it you have smooth more dynamic sound, so you have a new sound option.

Kahayan Vintage 80 Series Mix Buss Processor Specifications

  • 1 unit of 19 inch rack format
  • Connections: 2balanced inputs and 2 balanced outputs on XLR
  • The Drive Fader allows to attenuate or enhance the stereo signal at -∞dB to +12dB
  • The Output Fader allows to attenuateor enhance the stereo signal at -∞dB to +10dB
  • Headroom: +24dBu
  • 220/110 volts and 50/60 Hz. The voltage switching is internal and it is located inside the external power supply box.You can see the voltage switching thru the top cover holes. To change it,open the top cover of the power supply box.
  • Weight: 8Kg

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