K&M 259 Microphone Stand, 25900.500.55 (Black)

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K&M 259
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K&M 259 Microphone Stand

The K&M 259 Microphone Stand (25900.500.55) is a light-weight, low-profile, telescoping, tripod microphone stand with foldable legs and 2-piece extendable boom.

The K&M 259 Microphone Stand Low-level, telescopic stand with foldable legs. Comes with 2-piece boom arm. A T-bar locking screw is used to clamp the boom arm. This stand is perfect for situations where you generally need a low profile stand, but might also need to extend a bit higher. Examples would be snare drum or floor tom, 4x12 guitar cabinets, 8x10 bass cabinets, acoustic guitar, and more.

K&M 259 Microphone Stand Features

  • A low-level telescopic microphone stand with folding legs
  • Telescoping stand, adjustable from 16.732 to 25.394 inches high
  • Features 2-piece boom arm that can be extended from 18.504 to 30.512 inches
  • T-bar locking screw is used to clamp the boom arm
  • Includes zinc die-cast base
  • Made in Germany using Swiss Steel
  • 5 Year Warranty

K&M 259 Microphone Stand Specifications

  • Boom arm 2-piece telescopic design
  • Boom arm clamping T-bar locking screw
  • Boom arm length from 18.504 to 30.512"
  • Height from 16.732 to 25.394"
  • Height adjustment clutch
  • Leg construction socket with foldable legs
  • Material steel
  • Rod combination 2-piece folding design
  • Special features low-level microphone stand;
  • zinc die-cast base
  • Threaded connector: 5/8"
  • Finish: black
  • Weight: 4.604 lbs

K&M 259 Microphone Stand Includes

  • K&M 259 Microphone Stand

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