K&M 21021 Overhead Microphone Stand, 21021.500.55 (Black)

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K & M KM210/21
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K&M 21021 Overhead Tripod Microphone Stand

The K&M 21021 Overhead Tripod Microphone Stand is taller, heavier, and more sturdy than the standard tripod boom stand. Thanks to it's extra-long boom, extra-tall main shaft, and extra-long legs, the K&M 21021 provides plenty of strength and reach while not needing to take up the footprint of a large, rolling studio boom stand. At least one pair of K&M 21021 stands should be in every studio that records drums!

The K&M 21021 Overhead Tripod Microphone Stand was especially designed for studios and drummers. It is taller and longer than most stands, featuring added stability through longer legs which fold for compact storage and easy transport. The tripod base supporting the boom is TALL. It extends from 3.7 feet up to 6.7 feet! The K&M 21021 is perfect for when you need a stand with a smaller footprint than the larger "studio boom", but you need the ability to support a heavier microphone and get some height on it.

These are stands that LAST. And if any part of the stand fails, you have a 5 Year Warranty and a 10 Year Guarantee of available Replacement Parts after model discontinuation. Why re-purchase when you can repair for far less? The economics of front loading your investment in your stands makes total sense - especially when performance and reputation are on the line.

König & Meyer's stands are the REAL deal; a cut above. Try them for yourself. The difference is immediately apparent.

K&M 21021 Overhead Tripod Microphone Stand Features

  • K&M is "THE" classic microphone stand that all others visibly copy, but none come close to physically matching
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Zinc die-cast base
  • Made In Germany using Swiss Steel
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 10 Year Guarantee of available Replacement Parts

K&M 21021 Overhead Tripod Microphone Stand Specifications

  • Boom arm: one-piece design
  • Boom arm clamping: T-bar locking screw
  • Boom arm length: 1,065 mm (41.9 inches)
  • Height: from 1,120 to 2,010 mm (44.1 to 79.1 inches)
  • Height adjustment: clutch
  • Leg construction: socket with foldable legs
  • Material: steel
  • Rod combination: 2-piece folding design
  • Special features: zinc die-cast base; extra high; longer legs
  • Threaded connector: 3/8"
  • Type: black
  • Weight: 5.88 kg (12.96 lbs)

What We Think

For over 60 years, König & Meyer (K&M) has blazed a trail with long-lasting, professional-grade products that serious users have come to rely on and love. If you've been doing audio for a while, then you've probably recoiled at the price of a K&M stand and bought a cheap stand instead... only to have it fall apart on you, and FAST! It's pretty clear that not all stands are the same - even if the copies might look pretty similar to the original.

You know the symptoms of having bought a cheap mic stand: bent tubing, stripped-out fasteners, broken clutches, knobs that don't tighten... and the list goes on.

If there is one thing that I've come to know about gear, it's that there is a BALANCE of cost - and the currency can be either money invested OR frustration and lackluster (or even disastrous) results. Trust me - when you buy a cheap stand, you're PAYING for it with clumps of hair that you're ripping out of your head out of sheer frustration. This is why folks who buy König & Meyer the first time, ultimately have more hair... and have more money in their wallets over the long haul. They're still using the same stands that they bought to begin with.

Believe it or not, you're also paying for buying cheap stands via the sonic results. Mic stands transfer vibrational energy. If the metal tubing is thin, flimsy, porous metal -as is present in the cheap stands - then they transfer more of that energy to the microphone. Heavy duty stands transfer far less energy to the microphone and as a result, less potential frequency masking and cancellation will occur.

If you're a professional and must rely on your gear to work without exception, then there is no other choice. K&M stands always deliver on demand. Case in point - a large moose of a man can stand on the legs of a tripod K&M stand and not break it. In fact, the legs don't even BEND. The extend outward and then retract back to their original position after the offending human steps off of the stand. The clutches and gears all work smoothly and tighten securely time after time. Metal on metal contact of these moving parts is reduced by design, and high density nylon barriers put in place where other brands will just push metal into metal and pretty much hope for the best. And should any of these parts wear out, König & Meyer maintains a stock of replacement parts for 10 years after the discontinuation of a product. The tubing will all stay good, and you can make your König & Meyer stand function like-new again with some new parts.

As a company, König & Meyer's reputation and commitment to quality and green manufacturing practices should be the envy of any manufacturer. Their unlimited commitment to quality and environment in the production process translates into the most effective use of raw materials, conservation of energy, greater use of renewable energies, recycling of parts and products at the end of their life, avoidance of pollutants in production, reduction of CO2 emissions, reduction of water consumption and treatment of waste water used in the production process to produce potable quality. Since 1979 König & Meyer has reduced their water consumption in the manufacturing process by 94 percent.

In an industry where all other such products' production has shifted to China where environmental impact is barely regarded, König & Meyer are made in Germany and their products offer the conscientious buyer a clear choice that will save them money over the long haul without having to replace stands every couple of months. Reducing unnecessary manufacturing is also green! Build it right the first time!

Save up your pennies and go for the good stuff. König & Meyer (K&M) stands will be an investment that you'll be glad that you made. It's peace of mind that reduces your frustration, saves you from potential damage to or losses of expensive microphones, and even prevents the loss of future work or conflict with a client (imagine the joint of your cheap-stand failing during a live taping in front of an audience - that's a pretty indefensible position to be in). When it absolutely must work right the first time, choose König & Meyer (K&M) stands.

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